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The Brian Ferguson Interview

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Brian Ferguson Interview

I talked with Rutgers University professor of anthropology R. Brian Ferguson about Steven Pinker, Napoleon Chagnon, Marvin Harris, anthropology, chimps and gangs of New York.

The interview happened in a diner in Manhattan so there is background noise.

The video has a transcript available and you can read it here too.

  • Introduction: 00:00
  • Brian Ferguson, Marvin Harris & Cultural Materialism 00:49 
  • Chimpanzees, War & History: Are Men Born to Kill? and arguments with Jane Goodall 04:27 
  • Evolutionary Psychology v Napoleon Chagnon 09:31 
  • Pinker's List 12:21 
  • How Jews Became Smart: Anti-'Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence' 18:44 
  • Origins of Gangsters in New York 23:09

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