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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Self-admitted stochastic terrorist Chaya Raichik revealed as astounding ignoramus

Per the Advocate:

The internet lit up over the weekend when a 53-minute long interview with right-wing extremist Chaya Raichik went viral. Taylor Lorenz, a technology columnist for TheWashington Post who has followed internet culture for years, spent almost an hour asking Raichik a range of questions about Libs of TikTok and the hate the social media account has generated, only for Raichik to not really seem to be able to answer most of them — and at one time Raichik awkwardly shows Lorenz a video of oral sex.

In an era where social media platforms have become the battlegrounds for ideological wars, few figures have stirred as much controversy as Raichik, the 29-year-old woman behind the Libs of TikTok account. Known for her incendiary posts targeting the LGBTQ+ community, Raichik has amassed a following of millions that hang on her every tweet and tirade against what she perceives as the radicalization of gender and sexuality in society.

Here is the interview. Raichik is monstrously evil and was promoted by Bari Weiss.


Thursday, February 22, 2024

A peek inside techno-fascist clown college - The New Inquiry profiles the University of Austin

I laughed and laughed at the pretentious yet oafish, resentment-driven nitwits at the university funded by fascists and techno-fascists, described in the New Inquiry's article An American Education: Notes from UATX.

But at least it contains confirmation that the "Intellectual Dark Web" has always been about techno-fascism and a "natural aristocracy." Techno-fascists Joe Lonsdale and Marc Andreessen are featured:

For all of UATX’s supposed concern about “the culture,” the soul, the ethic of America, what at last constituted its core was this limitless faith in the goodness of the free market and entrepreneurship, of accumulating capital by endlessly making new products. Integral to this faith was a conviction about who merited such wealth and the political power that accompanied it. This who came into focus toward the close of the entrepreneurs’ talk. “There’s something very scary in our society—where this idea of a natural aristocracy,” Lonsdale said at the end, “has like really fallen out of favor.” Here it was, for a flash unconcealed by euphemism: “a natural aristocracy.”

At some level, Lonsdale—who displays the verbal intelligence of an 18-year old fratboy and who, moments later, would declare that when founding a company “you want whatever unfair advantages you can get”—doesn’t care about “natural” ability. What the author of tweets claiming “average black culture” is “broken” cares about is justifying existing economic and racial inequality and those, like himself and Andreessen, who reap massive rewards from it.

By the way, Andreessen and Lonsdale are not unlikely to reap some financial rewards from their very participation in UATX. Consider it. Andreessen and Lonsdale champion AI at UATX. Two weeks later, Bari Weiss publishes an article by Andreessen in The Free Press, “AI Will Save the World.” Wait another week or so. UATX then uploads a video recording of the Andreessen-Lonsdale talk, titling it, “Will AI Save the World?” Lonsdale posts the same video to his YouTube channel, where it gets almost 45k views, and tweets a clip from it, which gets over 700k. The upshot: a billionaire and a millionaire whose VC firms have a tremendous financial stake in AI get to widely broadcast the value of their securities. In the grand scheme of business strategy, this chain of events may be minor, but it represents just one of the many channels through which UATX’s founders and friends reinforce their wealth and influence.

But Peter Boghossian was there to provide laughs:

It happened to be Father’s Day, so when Peter (Boghossian), in between lauding UATX’s rigorous admission standards, mentioned a son, I wished him a happy one.

“Oh thanks,” he said. “I got jack and shit.” Muzak dribbled out of the hotel sound system.

“Shuttle’s here!” Loren Rotner, Assistant Chief Academic Officer, soon said, looking up from his phone. We all stood.

Peter sat next to me on the bus. He was fired up. He was delivering opening remarks later that night, plus we’d begun talking about a subject that interested him: exercise. “It’s indispensable for an intellectual,” he told me. “You should be exercising. Do you?”

I’d recently started going to the gym, I said. He looked doubtful.

“You gotta get into jiu-jitsu, man. I’m telling you.” Peter did jiu-jitsu. It’d changed his life. He spun around in his seat, scanned the rest of the bus, then whipped back to laser his eyes on me. “I could murder everybody on this bus and nobody could stop me. It’s a superpower.” I thought this over.

It should be noted that Boghossian is pushing 60. What an absolutely pathetic loser he-man wanna-be. 

Boghossian shows up a little later...

Pano Kanelos, president, stood up. It was time for the opening remarks. Our chatter lulled, and he began to speak in gentle, benevolent tones. He told us that we weren’t starting a university; we were a university. This is what a university looks like: people coming together for conversations, much like the ones we’d been having over our complimentary chicken dinners. “Dia-logue,” he said. “From the Greek, logos.” Two rational beings, engaged in rational discourse. He smiled. We smiled. And with little further ado, he introduced Peter, whom the other students had not yet had the good fortune of meeting. Peter, Pano told us, was “kicking butt in the righteous name of freedom.”

Peter springs to the center of the room. The air pressure changes. A buzz, a hum, a current about us. He brims with a frenzied energy. Something is happening. He is going to give us a taste of what’s to come, he says. This is the kind of intellectual activity we’re going to experience at UATX. We’re going to grapple with big issues. We’re going to be daring, fearless, undaunted. We’re going, he says, to do something called “Street Epistemology.”

What is Street Epistemology? He’ll demonstrate. It’s one of two things he does, the other being jiu-jitsu. “I don’t have a life,” he says. “I talk to strangers and I wrestle strangers.” But before we can do Street Epistemology, Peter needs to think of some questions.

He turns his back to the audience, hunches slightly and strides, stroking his chin. He is Rodin’s thinker set in manic motion; he is a relentless logician in his study at midnight; he is a frantically philosophical gremlin … —BAM! He wheels around and stalks forward and slings his index finger out toward a student, demands of him whether climate change is real?! and how certain is he?! and why?!—BOP! He points at another student, asks whether gender is a social construct, whether trans women are women?! He cites Socrates and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He staggers and weaves: as a boxer dances, so Peter lectures. He is the professor you never had; he is a squall of raw intellect; he is Robin Williams in the Dead Poets Society, but ripped. He is putting a gun to the head of your most precious assumptions.

Oh man, if you created a character like that in a play, nobody would buy it.

Seth Dillon, the sociopath who funds the psychopath Chaya Raichik of LibsofTikTok was perfectly described:

Up next, Mr. Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, or “the Onion for evangelicals,” as New Yorker writer Kalefa Sanneh has nicely put it. (They have headlines like, “Man Caught Drinking Bud Light Insists He’s Not Gay.”) Dillon spoke about “Canceling Comedy” the evening of the second day. Scoffing at opposition to “punching down” in comedy, he raised his eyebrows and leered and smirked. He demonstrated an impressive command of alliteration: “Nothing,” he said, “undercuts lunacy and lies like laughter.” He licked Mr. Elon Musk’s boots, exclaiming that “the world’s richest man took matters into his own hands,” bought Twitter, “and declared comedy legal again.” In his beard and suit, he was a spectacular manchild.

It's so hard to decide who is more repulsive, Dillon or Boghossian. But wait, here comes Rob Henderson and Richard Hanania!

Unlike most of the previous speakers, he was not alone on stage but sat facing UATX professor Rob Henderson. This gave some unsuspecting students the impression that the two might argue. Perhaps Henderson and Hanania disagreed about something. Perhaps the “constructive debate” advertised by UATX’s website was imminent. As if conscious of this expectation, Henderson put on a funny little voice and asked Hanania if he could define the word “woke,” cleverly saying, “I think being woke just means you’re a good person.…” Hanania obliged Henderson, providing his personal genealogy of the term, before launching into a frantic invective against Affirmative Action and DEI. Following some warped line of thought whose only logic was that of racism, Hanania burst out that he’d “rather punish people for something they have no control over—the color of their skin” than because “their parents run around smoking crack!”

Other obnoxious freaks who get shout-outs include Katie Roiphe, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Jordan Peterson, Dorian "I hate feminism!" Abbot, and the queen bee of sleazy, sugar-daddy-handout hypocrisy herself, Bari Weiss.

Oh and does "liberal" Steven Pinker still subscribe to Richard Hanania on Twitter/X?

You bet he does.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Mary Trump responds to Jon Stewart's BS

(Southern accent) "I'm jus' a lil ole comedian!"
Mary Trump is the good Trump. She hates her Uncle Donald.

She had an excellent response to Jon Stewart's predictable defense of his both-sidesing Biden last week. 

I say predictable because he had previously teamed up with his fellow millionaire celebrity Susan Sarandon in presenting her critics as assholes who unfairly blamed her for Trump.

Mary writes:

In his response, Stewart joked about the backlash he received from Democrats:

“I just think it’s better to deal head on with what’s an apparent issue to people. I mean, we’re just talking here.”

That’s when Stewart referred to my statement that “not only is Stewart’s ‘both sides are the same’ rhetoric not funny, it’s a potential disaster for democracy.”

“It was one fucking show!” Stewart exclaimed. “It was 20 minutes. But I guess, as the famous saying goes, ‘democracy dies in discussion.’”

“But look,” Stewart added with a Southern accent, “I have sinned against you. I’m sorry,” before he insinuated the pushback was propaganda.

In other words, instead of engaging with my actual critique, he set up a straw man. He didn’t defend his false equivalency — he pretended my objection to his comment was that he had made a comment at all.

Besides, Jon Stewart is not just a comedian trying to nail his tight ten at the Comedy Cellar on open mic night. By his own design, he puts himself out to be a serious player and influencer in American politics.

Exactly. He's a serious enough player to say:

“I very much wanted to have some kind of place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season, and I thought I was going to do it over at, they call it, Apple TV+,” he said. However, he added, “they felt that they didn’t want me to say things that might get me in trouble.” 

But when he gets criticism for his thoughts, he falls back on (Southern accent) "who me? I'm jus' a lil' ole comedian."

I would subscribe to Mary Trump's work, but unfortunately she's still on Nazi-loving Substack.

Both Steven Colbert and John Oliver are consistently outshining Stewart.

Biden is old. But he is not corrupt, incompetent or criminal. He believes in democracy. For Stewart to compare the two men in this way distorts reality in the precise manner right-wing propagandists do. He should be ashamed of spouting this kind of claptrap
And clearly, he is, because he devoted an entire segment in his second show to trying to laugh off the backlash to his first show. That’s how you know Stewart has messed up — he tries to gaslight his critics by accusing them of overreacting.

But here’s the thing Stewart knows, deep in his heart: The political fate of this country isn’t a joke — especially for our most vulnerable citizens. If you’re an immigrant fleeing violence in your homeland, if you’re a young woman impregnated by your rapist, if you’re a transgender child, if you’re a person of color living in a community with white supremacists, the difference between a Biden and Trump presidency is a direct threat to your life, not a punchline.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Racists agree: Lee Jussim is the best

I received a heads-up recently about Lee Jussim's book, "Social Perception and Social Reality" on Amazon.

Lee Jussim is a failure of a psychology professor at Rutgers University whose work (which as far as I can tell involves screaming "stereotypes are real!" over and over again) is so insignificant that the only people who pay attention to him are racists.

He's an absolute disgrace to Rutgers. 

I've mentioned on this blog that among Lee Jussim's biggest fans is the hardcore racist organization American Renaissance. Although being a hardcore racist organization does not stop Donors Trust from giving it money.

Here is the American Renaissance blurb, displayed right there on Amazon, for Jussim's "Social Perception and Social Reality."

American Renaissance has published pieces from Quillette, including work from the Winegard twins, Gregory Cochran and Jerry Coyne. Lee Jussim has also written for the racist, "hereditarian" Quillette. Of course.

The book got a five star rating on Amazon, from seven people, and five people gave reviews. There are no other ratings, by the way. All five people who have read Jussim's book think it's just the greatest.

Jussim could also be seen at Peter Thiel's CPAC for racists.

He's also a buddy of hardcore racist and "biosocial criminologist" John Paul Wright.

Jussim is a devoted member of the racist-right mob, as you can see from his Twitter timeline. He admires people like Bari Weiss and Jonathan Haidt. Also, Jussim appears to have an obsessive hatred of Claudine Gay.

The racist-right loves Bari Weiss so very much. I guess because she knows how to get funding from disgusting  billionaire sugar daddies like Supreme Court corrupter Harlan Crow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The actual problem with Jon Stewart

You can tell how Trump-friendly Jon Stewart's both-sides monologue was, on his return to the Daily Show, by all the right-wing ghouls who approved - like Elon Musk.

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman testifies that Biden is fine, based on talking to him in-person. Unlike Stewart.

Jon Stewart's monologue was a classic example of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

He suggested voting against Trump (the good) was less important than people, in some ideal world, using all their time and energy to fight every day for good causes (the perfect.)

This from a guy who shows up for work one day a week.

Classic Sarandon-style aiding and abetting the very very bad.

Although I have occasionally praised Stewart on this blog, I have had misgivings about Jon Stewart. 

First, when he was promoting the Wuhan Lab conspiracy, and then, even more when he made a video with Susan Sarandon, with the message that anybody who criticized Sarandon for her statements during the 2016 campaign stupidly believed that she single-handedly gave the election to Trump. 

But fascists loved his monologue.

Steven Colbert showed how it should be done - you can criticize Biden without piling on and both-siding, while reminding people that TRUMP IS A RAPIST.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Aporia - the most prominent bunker full of racists on Substack

There is an entry up on Rational Wiki for Aporia now, and it could not be more timely, since mainstream media has finally caught on to how extreme Aporia is.

Only a few months after Jonathan Katz got the word out about how cozy Substack is with Nazis.

I wrote about how the Substack founders are big fans of race pseudoscience promoters a couple of years ago.

The Rational Wiki entry for Aporia demonstrates that Aporia is a gathering place for the usual right-wing and racist, transphobic and misogynist ghouls who are also associated with the International Society for Intelligence Research, and Quillette and the Unz Review and the Manhattan Institute.

I can't believe Steven Pinker and Michael Shermer haven't shown up yet - so many of their fellow hereditarians are there.

From the Rational Wiki entry:

The staff of Aporia Magazine are proponents of HBD, i.e. hereditarianism and racialism[34]:Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Archer, a hereditarian[35] who wants to increase "native fertility" in European countries,[36] dislikes immigration and has strong links to far-right individuals. He has defended the discredited racist research of Emil Kirkegaard and Richard Lynn.[10][11][37] In December 2023, Archer attended a meeting with Edward Dutton.[38]Executive editor: Bo Winegard, a hereditarian known for his pseudoscientific views about race.[39] He was Assistant Professor of Psychology at Marietta College until but was fired in March 2020.[40] Winegard has written many controversial articles for Aporia advocating "race realism" and white identity politics.[3][4][41][42][43][44][45][46][47][48][49][50][51] In November 2023, he wrote a dialogue for Aporia supporting "white identity politics", is sympathetic to a "free association" segregation of races and wants to preserve "white civilisation".[41] Winegard is also a writer for Quillette.[52]Editor: Noah Carl, a sociologist who in 2018 was stripped of a postdoctoral fellowship at Cambridge University after it was discovered he had been publishing racist papers.[53][54][55] For example, Carl had written papers for Emil Kirkegaard's controversial OpenPsych pseudojournalsand a paper for the white supremacist journal Mankind Quarterly.[56][57] At Aporia, Carl spends most of his time complaining about immigration and multiculturalism.[58][59][60][61][62][63] As of 2024, Carl is still involved with Kirkegaard's OpenPsych journal as an editor and reviewer.[64][65][66]Podcast host: Diana Fleischman, an evolutionary psychologist and anti-transgender activist, also known for her criticism of veganism.[67][68] Fleischman was a speaker at the far-right pro-natalist Natal Conference in 2023 with far-right extremists including Kevin Dolan and Raw Egg Nationalist.[69][70] She openly identifies as a eugenicist.[71][72]


 Magazine writers

Eugenicists and far-right influencers who have written articles for Aporia, include: Jonathan Anomaly, a eugenicist who has written articles for Quillette and co-authored papers with Bo Winegard.[73][74] For Aporia, he has co-authored an article with Diana Fleischman and Ives Parr defending embryo selection.[75] Anomaly was a speaker at the far-right Natal Conference in 2023.[69][70]  
Edward Dutton, a white supremacist, anti-vegan and transphobe who writes articles for the white nationalist site VDARE and The Unz Review.[76][77] He is regular speaker on neo-Nazi Mark Collett's podcast Patriotic Weekly Review.[78][79] He has written articles for OpenPsych and has a long history of collaborating with white nationalist Richard Spencer.[80]In 2021, the Anti-Defamation League noted that "Richard Spencer currently co-hosts a podcast, called Radix Live, with Edward Dutton that often features explicit racist rhetoric and furthers antisemitic conspiracies".[81] Dutton was investigated by the University of Oulu and found guilty of scientific misconduct due to plagiarism.[82] PZ Myers has described Dutton as a racist fraud.[83] For Aporia, Dutton wrote an article on the Flynn Effect citing discredited research of Michael A. Woodley of Menie.[84] 
George Francis, a HBD pseudoscientist, interracial porn addict and close friend of white nationalist Emil Kirkegaard who is obsessed with researching black men's penis size.[85]Francis has written papers for OpenPsych.[86] For Aporia, he has written an article arguing that black men have the biggest penis size (based on a useless sex worker survey he conducted) and Africa needs to manufacturer larger condoms.[87] 
Peter Frost, a far-right anthropologist and HBD pseudoscientist[88] who was interviewed by the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance.[89] Frost has authored articles for the alt-right website The Unz Review[90] and papers for OpenPsych.[91] For Aporia, he has written articles defending the existence of biological races.[92][93][94]

James Thompson, a psychologist and HBD pseudoscientist who holds sexist and racist opinions. Thompson has written that "if women are really important for business success, surely this would show from the very beginning, when companies are being formed" and and "if women were crucial they would innovate and overturn established male businesses with their fresher management techniques".[95] He is a regular columnist on the The Unz Review.[96] One of Thompson's articles for Aporia is titled "Why are black children 11 times more likely to be strip-searched?".[97][98] In another article for Aporia he argued that intelligence research is more important than combating climate change or curing cancer.[99][100]

Joseph Bronski, a pseudonym of a HBD pseudoscientist who writes papers for OpenPsych.[101][102] He wrote an article for Aporia claiming geniuses in society have disappeared.[103] He is certainly no genius himself.

Ives Parr, a eugenicist who supports embryo selection and has criticized trans rights.[75][104] Also a hereditarian and an Arthur Jensen fan.[105]

Ben Winegard, a critic of Black Lives Matter who has written for Quillette with his brother.[106] Winegard has written an article for Aporia criticizing psychotherapy.[107]



As with the writers, Aporia's podcast speakers have included plenty of racists and unpleasant individuals:Malcolm Collins, a eugenicist and pro-natalist who attended the far-right Natal Conference in 2023.[69][70][108]
Charles Murray, a political scientist best known for co-authoring The Bell Curve. Murray has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white nationalist and "one of the most influential social scientists in America, using racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the Black and Latino communities, women and the poor."[109] He appeared on the Aporia podcast with Helmuth Nyborg, titled "Are Multicultural Societies Doomed?".[110]
Helmuth Nyborg, a retired developmental psychologist who supports HBD pseudoscience and attends neo-Nazi and white nationalist events. Nyborg was interviewed by white supremacist Stefan Molyneux in 2016.[111] Nyborg was a speaker at the Scandza Forum (Guide to Kulchu) in 2019 and attended the event in 2023 with Edward Dutton and Emil Kirkegaard.[112][113]Nyborg was personally interviewed by Aporia[114] and appeared on the podcast with Charles Murray.[110]
Simone Collins[126]
Alex Kaschuta[130], an anti-vegan and transphobe who has commented that trans children is "pedophilia with extra steps".[131] Kaschuta is the host of The Subversive Podcast which has featured eugenicist and pro-natalists such as Simone and Malcolm Collins, far-right anti-vegan activist Raw Egg Nationalist and white supremacists such as Anatoly Karlin and Steve Sailer.[132][133][134][135] 
J. Michael Bailey[138][139], a controversial professor of psychology who has a history of writing offensive comments about bisexual, homosexual and transgender people.[140] He has commented that "evolutionarily, homosexuality is a big mistake" and claimed that bisexual men do not exist as all men are either "gay, straight, or lying".[140] Bailey was a member of white supremacist Steve Sailer's Human Biodiversity Institute.[141]
Amy Wax[142], a controversial law professor who has has a history of making racist and white supremacist statements.[143] Wax has publicly stated that "on average, Blacks have lower cognitive ability than whites" and the country is "better off with fewer Asians" as long as they tend to vote for Democrats.[144] Wax invited white supremacist Jared Taylor to speak to her students.[145] Wax has stated, "Let us be candid. Europe and the first world, to which the United States belongs, remain mostly white, for now; and the third world, although mixed, contains a lot of non-white people. Embracing cultural distance, cultural-distance nationalism, means, in effect, taking the position that our country will be better off with more whites and fewer non-whites."[146] Penn Law School's dean, Theodore Ruger, called Wax's statements about Asians "racist", "white supremacist", and "diametrically opposed to the policies and ethos of this institution".[147] In 2023, Penn Law initiated disciplinary proceedings against Wax.[147] 
Gregory Clark (Greg Clark)[148], a controversial economic historian who advocates eugenics and hereditarianism. Aporia describes Clark as "one of the world's most important hereditarian scholars".[148] Clark has written for Quillette.[149] He dismisses cultural, economic and social dimensions of inheritance and has been accused of misusing evolution.[150] An article in 2014 noted that Clark "says African Americans’ long, difficult struggle hasn’t been caused by discrimination. Because French Canadians also have struggled to progress, and have not faced racism, discrimination can’t be the reason African Americans have had trouble. Therefore, it must be a problem of genes".[150] In 2021, Clark was a scheduled speaker at the Adam Smith Business School in Glasgow but the event was postponed amid pressure from student groups.[151][152] Clark's eugenics research is cited on Emil Kirkegaard's website.[153]
Nathan Cofnas[154][155] 
Razib Khan[156][157], an advocate of hereditarianism who attended the International Society for Intelligence Research conference in 2023.[158] 
Gavan Tredoux[159], a eugenicist who has written biographies of Francis Galton and JBS Haldane.[160] 
Zac Kriegman[161], a former director of data science at Thomson Reuters who alleges he was fired for questioning Black Lives Matter.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Welcome to Black History Month 2024

We know Black history is important because the race pseudoscience network, also known as hereditarians, is dedicated to erasing it, in order to claim that the Black American inability to thrive since slavery is due entirely to their bad genes.

Linda Gottfredson, the queen of hereditarianism, admitted this is exactly what hereditarians believe:

Rushton and Jensen's (2005) hereditarian hypothesis is that Black-White differences in general intelligence (IQ, or the general mental ability factor, g) are "substantially" genetic in origin.[2]

Gregory Clark, a regular at International Society of Intelligence Research conferences made it explicit per the Economist review:

 (Clark's) work implies, however, that poor blacks remain so because they are descended from people with low social competence; discrimination is irrelevant, except to the extent that it limits intermarriage with other groups. “The Son Also Rises” may not be a racist book, but it certainly traffics in genetic determinism.

I called it the "American hereditarian assumption" in my Rational Wiki entry on E. O. Wilson. The AHA holds that:

In spite of 250 years of slavery, followed by more than one hundred years of anti-Black terrorism, including organizations like the Ku Klux Klan, periodic "race riots" such as the Tulsa Race Massacre, and lynchings, Jim Crow, voter suppression, redlining,[148] segregation and theft of Black property and wealth,[149] the most plausible explanation for Black inability to thrive in the United States is the Black genome.

I first became aware of the hereditarian desire to erase history via Razib Khan in his Unz Review column:

So I have to take issue when The New York Times posts articles with headlines such as White? Black? A Murky Distinction Grows Still Murkier. What genetics is showing is that in fact white Americans are shockingly European to an incredibly high degree for a population with roots on this continent for 400 years. If we removed all the history that we take for granted we’d be amazed that the indigenous peoples had so little demographic impact, and, that the larger numbers of people of partial African ancestry did not move into the general “white” population.

If we "removed all the history" we would not be aware that the reason the people with partial African ancestry did not move into the general "white" population was because of the "one-drop rule."

It's significant Khan wrote this for Unz Review. Extremist Ron Unz is an important figure in the 21st century race pseudoscience network. He has not only platformed racists like Khan and Steve Sailer, he's outright given them money to promote race pseudoscience. On top of that, he was a student of E. O. Wilson, the grandfather of contemporary race pseudoscience.

Another important influence on 21st century hereditarianism is Arthur Jensen, who claimed that because Black children, growing up during the Jim Crow era did not improve test performances due to a handful of education remediation programs, it meant that Black Americans were essentially genetically, intellectually inferior.

Richard Haier, "mainstream" scientist and one of Jensen's most devoted disciples, promotes the hereditarian belief that intelligence = money. Haier implies that the reason Black Americans have less money is because they are less intelligent.

The denial of Black history is a pillar of hereditarianism in the United States and recently the race pseudoscience network, via Christopher Rufo, has made denial of Black history an important pillar of the Trump-era Republican Party.

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