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PZ Myers dissects evolutionary psychology: brief, sharp and fabulous

I admit I LOL'd at the part about lighting up "like a Christmas tree." WATCH AND LEARN all IDWs!

The Brian Ferguson Interview

Who is behind Pinkerite?

Hated by Emil O. W. Kirkegaard*, the right-wing racist weirdo who has received funding from Charles Murray, the career-long right-wing political operative, co-author of The Bell Curve and blatant racist

So I must be doing something right.

I am an admirer of anthropologist Marvin Harris, whose criticisms of sociobiology/evolutionary psychology inform my views of Steven Pinker's race and gender essentialism.

You can see videos of Marvin Harris here.

Recommended reading: R. Brian Ferguson's "Materialist, cultural and biological theories on why Yanomami make war" to understand cultural materialism, sociobiology and the differences between the two. It's only 17 pages and it's free here.

But why am I being so mean to Steven Pinker, world-famous "celebrity intellectual"

Because he's the media-friendly face of race pseudoscience and named by Bari Weiss as the most respectable person associated with the Intellectual Dark Web. So Pinker is more pernicious than a fringe figure like Kirkegaard and deserves scrutiny.

And I'm not the only one who finds Pinker annoying.

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