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Monday, July 31, 2023

The Swoletariat: Steven Pinker is a Stupid Idiot

Pinkerite's beat is Steven Pinker's decades-long practice of promoting sociobiology/race pseudoscience, especially because he is the most respectable, mainstream, Justin Trudeau hobnobbing, UN presenting "celebrity intellectual" member of the race pseudoscience network.

Most critics of Pinker, however, seem to focus on his "optimism" and claims the world is getting better all the time.

And sometimes I have to share those criticisms. This video from a YouTube channel called The Swoletariat, jumps right into Pinker's fast and loose approach to data he claims support his position. It is, dare I say it, a weasely approach.

And the title makes me laugh.

The wonderful Michael Brooks can be seen making some of the same points two years earlier in this much briefer video.

I should say that keeping tabs on Steven Pinker's advocacy of race pseudoscience takes up all my available time. Here he is promoting right-wing racist idiot Richard Hanania.

Sunday, July 30, 2023

I am become Rational Wiki contributor, destroyer of race pseudoscience propaganda

Although I have enjoyed reading Rational Wiki articles and have occasionally referenced them here on Pinkerite, I haven't had a whole lot to do with Rational Wiki.

But ever since the Manhattan Institute and its publication City Journal tried to smear a former Rational Wiki contributor - and by extension, smear Rational Wiki itself - in apparent cooperation with one or more race pseudoscience ghouls - by publishing a hit piece which was applauded by the usual race pseudoscience gang from Steven Pinker on down the respectability hierarchy - I have developed a new respect for Rational Wiki. So I decided to become a contributor

If billionaire-funded, race pseudoscience loving organizations feel threatened enough by Rational Wiki to try a sleazy little stunt like that, Rational Wiki must be doing something right. It's citizen journalism vs the plutocracy.

UPDATE: Once the target of the hit piece threatened legal action the piece was removed. And the author of the piece, "David Zimmerman" is no longer listed as a City Journal contributor.

My first contribution to Rational Wiki is a summation of what I have been writing about here, about the Arthur Jensen-founded, Pioneer Fund-supported nonprofit, Institute of Mental Chronometry, which for the past two years has provided funding for aspects of the Racist Rodeo - aka the annual conference for The International Society of Intelligence Research.

If you are an opponent of race pseudoscience and the many-headed hydra of its propaganda machine, I recommend you become a contributor to Rational Wiki. As with Wikipedia, there is a learning curve to get the hang of the non-HTML ways to tag text, but it's worth it. 

Hey, nobody said fighting neo-Nazis was easy.

BTW - City Journal hired one of its standard anti-feminists, Kay S. Hymowitz, to opine on the Barbie movie. She liked it, but she thinks there is no real patriarchy because:

When Gerwig wrote this scene, she knew that in the real Real World, four out of 11 Mattel board members are women; that the company was co-founded by a woman; and that the movie was directed by Gerwig, a woman, produced by Margot Robbie, a woman, and blessed with a promotion budget that could have made a serious dent in world hunger. Some patriarchy.

Yes, one major corporate board almost has gender parity, and two women made a big-budget movie, when they should have been solving world hunger, as is their duty as women. I doubt City Journal has ever complained that men making big budget movies is preventing the end of world hunger.

Hmm. I  wonder who the top editors at City Journal are. But they let a woman edit the photos, administer the website and be assistant, so I guess we've reach perfect gender equality now. Silly Barbie movie.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

The Racist Rodeo 2023 Day One ~ the International Society for Intelligence Research and Arthur Jensen

The website of the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR) has not yet shared anything about its ongoing annual conference on its website. 

Presumably it will share info eventually, as it has done for its previous conferences, but I expect well after the conference has ended.

Steven Pinker was scheduled to speak at the Racist Rodeo yesterday, but he has had nothing to say about the ISIR on Twitter so far. 

Meanwhile Pinker was promoting racist garbage-rag Thiel-funded Quillette.

One of the co-authors of the piece he is promoting is Naomi Schaefer Riley, a senior fellow at the Koch-funded AEI

Does Steven Pinker ever associate with anything or anybody that is NOT connected to race pseudoscience or the far-right plutocracy?

Meanwhile, the Twitter account for ISIR has been inactive since 2020, most recently retweeting something from Abdel Abdellaoui. 

Demonstrating that while Abdellaoui may detest Emil Kirkegaard, he is still firmly on the side of race pseudoscience. 

Not that I needed more evidence, he's a friend of Razib Khan, according to Khan.

Kirkegaard holds exactly the same pseudoscientific beliefs as Khan, so I guess Abdellaoui's real problem with Kirkegaard is that Kirkegaard doesn't have the right credentials and he's more blatant about his racism. I'm sure Kirkegaard and Khan agree that Black Americans, thanks to their genes, are an existential threat to the United States - but Khan manages to express that belief indirectly - by praising Charles Murray for the same beliefs. And we know how much Charles Murray agrees with Emil Kirkegaard.

Murray is not subtle about how he would like to see social policy adjusted to reflect his pseudoscientific beliefs in Black inferiority.

By the way, that is Francis Galton, notorious racist, the founder of contemporary race pseudoscience, eugenics and behavioral genetics chosen by ISIR as the avatar for their Twitter account.

ISIR loves to flaunt its connection to racists.

Anyway,  until more information is available about the 2023 Racist Rodeo, let's talk about a leading light of the ISIR, beloved by David Lubinski and Emil Kirkegaard, Arthur Jensen.

As noted yesterday, Lubinski is currently one of the officers of the Institute of Mental Chronometry. Jensen was originally one of the officers and the organization used to be called The Institute for the Study of Educational Differences, which received money from the white nationalist Pioneer Fund

And Lubinski wrote the obituary for Jensen for the American Psychological Association and right from the beginning notes Jensen's debt to racists going back to Galton:

His intellectual ancestry traces back through his mentor Hans Eysenck to Cyril Burt, Charles Spearman, and, ultimately, Sir Francis Galton.
At the end of the first page of the obituary, Lubinski gets into the reason Jensen became famous:

Initially, Art wrote a chapter on how group differences in learning were likely traceable to deprivation– opportunity differences. Digging deeper into this literature, however, he was struck by how uncritically genetic influences were dismissed, and he began publishing articles on behavior genetics and individual differences in learning potential. His article “Social Class, Race, and Genetics: Implications for Education” (1968, American Journal of Educational Research [AJER]) attracted an invitation from the Harvard Educational Review to expand his treatment of the topic. The result, “How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?” (1969), questioned the efficacy of extant programs designed to enhance intellectual development and hypothesized that individual and group differences in learning potential have both genetic and environmental components. The article ignited a firestorm across academe, the popular press, and the Berkeley campus.

His suggestion that genetic differences give rise to important psychological differences was anathema to prevailing academic ideology, but he also hypothesized that if traits run in families because of genes, they may also run in families of families (races) for the same reason...
...was arguably the father of modern day hereditarianism pseudoscience with the publication of an article in the Harvard Educational Review...

Jensen promoted eugenics as the only practical solution to the problems facing the black community, arguing that they lacked the intelligence necessary for compensatory education programs to be successful. His ability to repackage fringe racial theories in the dry, dispassionate rhetoric of science made Jensen an instant celebrity in white nationalist circles, where he is still revered as “an intellectual pioneer comparable to Nobel Prize winners” and “a man of the highest distinction, not just scientifically, but also morally.”

Now at the time Jensen decided the problem with Black people was their own genetic insufficiencies, white nationalists were desperate for a hero. They had suffered a string of recent legal losses in the United States, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Loving v. Virginia ending all miscegenation laws in 1967.

White nationalists needed someone to reassure them that they were in the right after all. 

And there was Jensen to reassure them. Long before Ron DeSantis came along, Jensen was looking at the good side of slavery - suggesting that without all those slave rapes that caused "racial mixing" the Black American population would be even stupider, genetically, than Jensen and white nationalists already thought they were.

There are intelligence genes, which are found in populations in different proportions, somewhat like the distribution of blood types. The number of intelligence genes seems to be lower, over-all, in the black population than in the white. As to the effect of racial mixing, nobody has yet performed experiments that reveal its relative effect on I.Q. If the racial mixture weren’t there, it is possible that the I.Q. differences between blacks and whites would be even greater. I think such studies should be done to lay this uncertainty to rest once and for all.”
—Quoted in “jensenism, n. The theory that I.Q. is largely determined by the genes,” The New York Times Magazine, 1969

David Lubinski was about 16 in 1969. The fight for civil rights for Black Americans is well within living memory. And the promotion of Jensen and his fellow racialists as "science" in 1969 shows how quickly the backlash came.

In the obituary, Lubinski tries to claim Jensen as a martyr for The Truth, which is absolutely typical of race pseudoscience promoters. 

When asked how he withstood the assaults, Art replied that he tried to live by Gandhi’s principle of correspondence between inner thoughts and public pronouncements. 

It could be even worse. In an article in Heredity in 2003, Chris Brand, one-time director of the Institute for the Study of Educational Difference, the same organization that Lubinski now leads (rebranded in 2011 as Institute of Mental Chronometry,) actually uses the word martyrdom:

Who were Jensen's friends in martyrdom and what was the organization of the London School of which he became the revered intellectual head? (The journal Intelligence recently devoted a Special Issue to him, calling him ‘A King among Men.’) What was the plan of campaign for dealing with the rise of political correctness which was making even discussion of race impossible? Miele's book has no index allowing tracing, but such crown princes of the London School as Phil Rushton (who first linked the Mongoloid–Caucasian–Negroid continuum to a wide range of psychological features, including sexuality – Rushton, 1985) and Richard Lynn (who first noticed evidence that Black African IQ was actually only 70 – Lynn, 1991) certainly do not loom large in Jensen's ‘conversation.’ Scrupulously aiming to avoid controversy, the man who first so sensationally attracted it now disdains any interesting propositions about the human condition. Jensen even says he does not feel either ‘inclined or properly qualified’ to think through the political implications of his work.

Brand was a first-class creepy misogynist racist weirdo.

Do martyrs who don't think about the political implications of their work usually receive thousands of dollars from racist organizations like the Pioneer Fund? 

It seems to me that race pseudoscience is spectacularly profitable thanks to the Pioneer Fund and Ron Unz and Charles Koch and Peter Thiel etc.,  but purveyors of race pseudoscience are so delusional they expect general adulation on top of all that easy money. 

Although lucrative, race pseudoscience is the easiest possible career. All you have to do is find new ways of restating the same speculations about race that were made in the 19th century. Often using the same exact speculations - Richard Lynn (RIH) took credit for a "cold winters" theory of Black inferiority, but that idea has been around since at least Schopenhauer, who died in 1860.

Jensen’s ability to hide this radical agenda from the wider public stemmed in large part from his reliance on abstruse jargon to mask the crude racism of his underlying arguments. To take one glaring example, in his 1973 book, Educability and Group Differences, Jensen claimed that “[t]he possibility of a biochemical connection between skin pigmentation and intelligence is not totally unlikely in the view of the biochemical relation between melanins, which are responsible for pigmentation, and some of the neural transmitter substances in the brain. The skin and the cerebral cortex both arise from the ectoderm in the development of the embryo and share some of the same biochemical processes.” Stripped of its scientific affectations, Jensen’s statement boils down to the claim that dark skin causes stupidity. No biologist would ever take such a statement seriously, and indeed, none has—though it is now a widely accepted belief among white supremacists.

While Jensen was generally savvy enough to avoid the overt racism of some of his colleagues, the mask did occasionally slip. In 1992, he gave an interview to the white nationalist American Renaissance magazine in which he laid out his beliefs about black people in plain language, without hiding behind obfuscatory jargon. In this interview, Jensen ridiculed people, including his own mother, who believe “that blacks would be no different from the rest of us — the rest of the population — if they simply had the same education and all of that.”

The hiding of Jensen's radical agenda continued with changing the name of the Institute for the Study of Educational Difference to the Institute of Mental Chronometry

In examining the career of Arthur Jensen in depth, I found more confirmation that hereditarians are drama queens. In his 1969 essay Jensen wrote:

Much more thought and research should be given to the educational and social implications of these [dysgenic] trends for the future. Is there a danger that current welfare policies, unaided by eugenic foresight, could lead to the genetic enslavement of a substantial segment of our population?

Hereditarians are such true believers in genetic causation that they immediately jump from their speculations to dire warnings that public policy must be changed. I wrote about sociobiology hysteria a couple of years ago, first quoting Steven Pinker:

"Many misconceptions about behavior are harmless, but in these dangerous times some could lead to catastrophe. Steve Sailer's "The Cousin Marriage Conundrum" correctly predicts that it would be unwise to try to graft a political system onto a society without understanding how the psychology of kinship and ethnic identification plays out in the local environment."

So if we don't listen to Steve Sailer and his prediction, it could lead to "catastrophe." 

What is it about sociobiology that makes its proponents such drama queens? We've seen Razib Khan and Charles Murray say that if we don't accept the sociobiological view of Black Americans we "face disaster" and Kathryn Paige Harden, in her recent book, compared the refusal to accept the conclusions of "behavioral genetics" (basically sociobiology) with armed robbery.

As with Jensen, political scientist Charles Murray let the mask slip, when he admitted he thought discrimination against any individual Black job applicant was acceptable because of hereditarian beliefs.

And the International Society for Intelligence Research continues this hereditarian political campaign. 

Aided and abetted by people like David Lubinski and Steven Pinker.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Racist Rodeo 2023 begins ~ what is the Institute of Mental Chronometry?

Technically, Racist Rodeo 2023, aka this year's annual conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research starts July 27, but today there will still be festivities:

We will begin with a welcome reception sponsored by the Institute for Mental Chronometry on the evening of Wednesday, July 26, with drinks, refreshments, and guest speakers Steven Pinker and Frank Worrell! 

But what, you may ask, is the "Institute for Mental Chronometry"? The text did not include a link to any online presence for the Institute for Mental Chronometry (IMC) so almost the only information available online is via various organizations that track non-profits.

According to ProPublica, it is a Research Tax-Exempt Organizations with headquarters in Walnut Creek, California and "TAX-EXEMPT SINCE DEC. 1972."

And the name is not Institute for, it's the Institute of Mental Chronometry.

There are no tax records available on ProPublica before the 2001 tax year.

The latest tax record available is 2021 and its key employees and officers are DAVID J LUBINSKI, Pres/DIRECTOR; DANIEL J. LEVY (SEC/DIRECTOR) and DOUGLAS K DETTERMAN (VP/DIRECTOR.)

Detterman is the founder of the International Society for Intelligence Research and the Intelligence journal (which continues to publish Emil Kirkegaard as of 2023), and Lubinski I've mentioned several times already.

Daniel J. Levy doesn't appear to have any connection to intelligence "research" and appears to be an accountant.

The address given for IMC is 165 Lennon Lane #200  Walnut Creek  CA  94598, which is the address of Thomas Doll a wealth management company.

All three employees/officers received $31,890 in 2021.

Lubinski, Detterman and Levy are the only official names listed going back to 2012. 

In 2011 there is a fourth name - Arthur Jensen.

2010 appears to be the first year that Lubinski, Levy and Detterman were officers of the organization. In 2009 there was a whole different set, except for Jensen, who was working almost full time for the organization.

The same group goes back to 2005, when Barbara Jensen, his first wife, and Joe Moray, his son-in-law - are also included.

In 2004 the organization was not called Institute of Mental Chronometry, it was called Institute for the Study of Educational Differences. Same group of officers. In 2003 they got a donation of over a million dollars from the estate of Richard L. Bussman. In 2002 there was a donation of over a million from the estate of Bussman, and $50K from the estate of Dorothy Bussman. In 2001 and 2002 officers included C. C. Li and Ellis B. Page.

In 1990, the Institute for the Study of Educational Differences was mentioned in a University of Delaware inter-departmental memo in which the UofD explained why it would be refusing donations from the white nationalist Pioneer Fund (includes a letter from Linda Gottfredson, Lubinski's buddy, whining that only racists agree to fund her "mainstream" race pseudoscience.) 

The Institute for the Study of Educational Differences, like Gottfredson, was a recipient of money from the Pioneer Fund.

So that's probably why they changed the name to "Institute of Mental Chronometry" - to avoid the obvious connection to hardcore racists. 

It can't be because of mental chronometry's track record, which appears to be a complete failure for the race pseudoscience project:

Mental chronometry measures the elapsed time between the presentation of a sensory stimulus and the subsequent behavioral response by the participant. These studies have shown inconsistent results when comparing black and white populations groups, with some studies showing whites outperforming blacks, and others showing blacks outperforming whites.[179]
Arthur Jensen argued that this reaction time (RT) is a measure of the speed and efficiency with which the brain processes information,[180] and that scores on most types of RT tasks tend to correlate with scores on standard IQ tests as well as with g.[180] Nisbett argues that some studies have found correlations closer to 0.2, and that a correlation is not always found.[181] Nisbett points to the Jensen & Whang (1993) study in which a group of Chinese Americans had longer reaction times than a group of European Americans, despite having higher IQs. Nisbett also mentions findings in Flynn (1991) and Deary (2001) suggesting that movement time (the measure of how long it takes a person to move a finger after making the decision to do so) correlates with IQ just as strongly as reaction time, and that average movement time is faster for black people than for white people.[182] Mackintosh (2011, p. 339) considers reaction time evidence unconvincing and comments that other cognitive tests that also correlate well with IQ show no disparity at all, for example the habituation/dishabituation test. He further comments that studies show that rhesus monkeys have shorter reaction times than American college students, suggesting that different reaction times may not tell us anything useful about intelligence.

But what does Institute for Mental Chronometry do? It does not seem to generate any papers. According to an article in Intelligence (still publishing Emil Kirkegaard in 2023!) in a paper by Jensen published in 2011:

Jensen's Institute of Mental Chronometry commissioned a leading electronics firm to construct a state-of-the-art apparatus to administer, record, and analyze MC experiments.

So presumably the IMC is still working on developing this apparatus, although I haven't found any evidence yet.

Mainly, the IMC appears to be a service organization for the International Society for Intelligence Research. 

For this year's Racist Rodeo:

Travel support for graduate students and postdoctoral trainees: We are pleased to announce that enrolled Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers who have either an oral presentation or a poster accepted for the conference (as a presenting senior author) may be eligible for travel support, thanks to the generosity of the Institute of Mental Chronometry. Reimbursement will be available for documented transportation, lodging & meal expenses of up to $1,000 USD for travel within the United States or up to $1,500 USD for travel for all others. For students and postdocs with an accepted poster or talk, an additional $200 will added to your travel support so you can arrive a day early to enjoy the pre-conference event on July 26th, featuring talks by Steven Pinker and Frank Worrell. If you wish to apply for travel support, click “Yes” for this option when submitting your abstract.

And for last year's Racist Rodeo

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to April 22, 2022. Please submit your abstract if you haven’t yet done so. Travel support is available for presenting graduate students and postdocs courtesy of the Institute for Mental Chronometry (IMC).

 Back in 2010, the ISIR was thanking the Templeton Foundation and Elsevier for student travel support:

We thank the Templeton Foundation for its generous support of student travel awards, and Elsevier Publishing Company for its generous contribution to the reception. 

According to SourceWatch:

The John Templeton Foundation tries to encourage the integration of religious beliefs and free-market principles into the classroom.

While researching this post, I found that Emil Kirkegaard runs a website devoted to Jensen. Maybe that's why the ISIR can't quit Kirkegaard, they both share a deep love of Arthur Jensen.

Lubinski wrote the obituary for Arthur R. Jensen for American Psychologist. I'll have more to say about that soon.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Emil Kirkegaard and the International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR)

David Lubinski of Vanderbilt University
and his pal Linda Gottfredson, 
racist extremist


Nobody is too racist for the International Society
for Intelligence Research

The connection between Emil Kirkegaard and the International Society for Intelligence Research was made embarrassingly clear last year, when Kirkegaard was disinvited from the annual Racist Rodeo.

As Rational Wiki notes:

Emil Kirkegaard was a scheduled speaker at an International Society for Intelligence Research 2022 conference at University of Vienna, but was prevented from speaking after a keynote speaker at the same event complained, describing Kirkegaard as a "careless racist lunatic" and a "notorious individual".[41][42][43]
Two weeks before the ISIR conference, the preliminary speaker program was shared with the speakers. I noticed that one of the scheduled speakers was a notorious individual, known for an unhealthy obsession for trying to prove that race differences in IQ and other social traits were due to inborn and immutable genetic differences. Besides a reputation for sloppy scientific work in dubious journals, he was also well known for an obnoxious social media presence, regularly posting messages and memes denigrating a wide range of marginalized groups. This behavior has garnered him a large following of, largely anonymous, online fans. He is a leading figure and major contributor to the bad reputation of intelligence and genetics research. On top of this reputation, this individual has never been part of any credible research program, PhD program, or university, which made it all the more surprising to me that he was invited to speak at the same academic conference as me. I decided to publicly cancel my talk, as I did not want to be associated with this individual. I did not want his reputation to negatively affect mine, or my reputation to positively affect his. I felt obligated, both as a scientist and a second generation immigrant (I’ve seen him specifically target my own minority group as well), to distance myself from this malevolent force. Eventually, my action caused multiple other complaints, including a student petition, after which the ISIR board decided to remove this person from the speaker list, after which I re-joined the conference.

Justin Ward at the Southern Poverty Law Center, in an article WIKIPEDIA WARS: INSIDE THE FIGHT AGAINST FAR-RIGHT EDITORS, VANDALS AND SOCK PUPPETS writes:

One of the bedrock principles of Wikipedia is the assumption of good faith. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, edits are assumed to be made with the intent of improving the encyclopedia. Editors who attempt to insert their ideological bias but maintain the semblance of civility are given the benefit of the doubt until their disruption becomes apparent enough to warrant action by administrators. Civil POV-pushers can disrupt the editing process by engaging other users in tedious and frustrating debates or tie up administrators in endless rounds of mediation.

Users who fall into this category include racialist academics and members of the human biodiversity, or HBD, blogging community. Often these are single-purpose accounts that exclusively edit on topics like race and intelligence, racial classification and bios of related researchers, like Linda Gottfredson or Helmuth Nyborg. Some have direct ties with racist journals or organizations, like Mankind Quarterly editor Gerhard Meisenberg. Emil Kirkegaard, who edits frequently under the username Deleet, is a research fellow at Richard Lynn’s Ulster Institute for Social research and the co-founder of the online pseudojournal OpenPsych. 

Now to understand how very comfortable the International Society for Intelligence Research is with someone like Emil Kirkegaard, consider that all the people named in connection with him: Gottfredson, Nyborg, Meisenberg and Richard Lynn have all been welcome at ISIR. Gottfredson won the ISIR Lifetime Achievement Award. Both Meisenberg and Lynn were on the editorial board of Intelligence, the publication of ISIR.

Speaking of Richard Lynn - he appears to be dead, finally. All the other racists are very sad.

Emily Willoughby is not mentioned in the SPLC article but she is very much one of the Wikipedia warriors, per RationalWiki:

Willoughby had made a lot of edits pushing race and intelligence pseudoscience (as 
Ferahgo the Assassin on) Wikipedia[37] In 2010, Willoughby opposed banning her boyfriend Jonathan Kane (alias Captain Occam) and the neo-Nazi editor Michael Coombs (alias User:Mikemikev) from the race and intelligence article, writing "they aren’t the ones causing a problem here" despite evidence to the contrary.[38] Kane and Mikemikev were both topic banned in June 2010 after arbitration found them to have edit-warred and caused disruption.[39]

Edits on her account reveal Willoughby is sympathetic to the controversial race and intelligence views of the white supremacist Richard Lynn:

The way it's worded makes it sounds like the article Wikipedia is expressing this point of view specifically (that Lynn's conclusions are incorrect, etc) instead of making it clear that these critiques are held by other professionals.[40]

Willoughby also complained about an article highlighting Lynn's connections to the eugenics Pioneer Fund[41] and took issue with critical sources being added to his biographical page.[42]

In October 2010, Willoughby was topic banned from editing race and IQ related articles.[43] The following month she was back to her old tricks removing critical sources about a eugenicist.[44] Willoughby and Kane were both "site-banned from Wikipedia for a period of no less than one year" on May 14, 2012.[45] The reason was for sharing an IP address.[46] Shortly before being site banned in a rant titled "Good riddance to Wikipedia", Willoughby admitted to being a proponent of hereditarianism and defended Mikemikev again.[47]

Willoughby was unbanned on Wikipedia on March 28 2014.[48] For the next five years, she avoided editing about race and IQ, but in January 2019 she appealed her topic ban which was still in place.[49]

Magnus Pharao (alias Maunus), an anthropologist who debated Willoughby and Kane on Wikipedia in the 2010s, noted on his Twitter account on August 12, 2022:

The two of them were pushing race and IQ "science" on Wikipedia for years, both being banned for doing so incessantly and deceptively […] That's also where I first met Emil Kirkegaard, he was working with them some of the time. Kirkegaard's username was Deleet. Kane and Willoughby worked a good cop bad cop routine, she more or less followed the rules and stayed civil, he didn't and was banned, and when he was banned he edited from her account, and when it was discovered they shared, she was banned too. Kane's MO was to contact as many "hereditarians" offline as he could and get them to weigh in in discussions to create a majority against the idea that Race and IQ research is considered fringe pseudoscience.[50][51]

Kane and Willoughby have defended Emil Kirkegaard and they all edited race and IQ related articles with overlapping edits as a sort of 'tag-team' with the same point of view.[52][53][54]

Emily Willoughby is currently a board member of the International Society for Intelligence Research. Demonstrating that, in spite of the 2022 banning of Emil Kirkegaard from the ISIR's conference, 

Nobody is too racist for the International Society for Intelligence Research.

I asked two ISIR bigwigs David Lubinski and his wife Camilla Benbow, both mainstream members of Academia, if Emil Kirkegaard would be returning to the 2023 conference but got no response. However, Kirkegaard being disinvited from the 2022 conference did not stop ISIR from publishing him in "Intelligence" in May-June 2023:

And in case you're wondering if the presence of Kirkegaard bothered Steven Pinker, both Pinker and Kirkegaard were represented at the ISIR Racist Rodeo in 2017 and not a word of complaint from Pinker.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Substack - just as sleazy, racist and right-leaning as I suspected

 I suspected Substack was rotten, over a year ago:

The fact that Lulu Cheng Meservey, the vice president of communications for Substack is a member of Razib Khan's clubhouse as well as a member of the clubhouse of the anti-CRT grifting, IDW-riddled, far-right leaning FAIR, does not help dissuade me from the suspicion that Substack is simply a high-tech Donor's Trust.

Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie has a Thiel connection. Thiel was an investor in PandoDaily, which McKenzie worked for.

Another Substack co-founder, Chris Best, appeared on a podcast for the race pseudoscience promoting, Thiel-funded Quillette. According to a description of the interview on Padverb, "Tech entrepreneur Chris Best talks about Substack, his self-publishing platform that is attracting journalists like Andrew Sullivan, Jesse Singal and Jen Gerson." 

Andrew Sullivan is famous for his promotion of the race pseudoscience of racist Charles Murray.

Jesse Singal is best known for his antagonism against trans people. He's a defender of the race pseudoscience-friendly Steven Pinker. He also has a Quillette connection and a Koch connection.

Jen Gerson has written for Quillette.

The Substack gang apparently has no problem with promoters of race pseudoscience, at the very least.

So I was absolutely not surprised to learn that Substack is promoting racist ghoul Richard Hanania. This is from Jonathan M. Katz's Substack called The Racket:

As Racket readers know, a few weeks ago Substack featured on their flagship podcast, The Active Voice, an openly racist, self-described troll named Richard Hanania. Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie gave Hanania wide latitude to launder his “anti-woke” views — which include urging the repeal of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (a position McKenzie called “gutsy”) and overt calls for “more policing, incarceration, and surveillance of black people.” McKenzie then sat back as Hanania recommended to Substack listeners at least two white nationalists: VDARE blogger and racist kingpin Steve Sailer (whose recent columns include “Blacks vs. Hispanics, Part 298” and “The Asian Invasion Of California Public Schools”) and the self-described Danish-German ethno-nationalist (and child rape proponent) Emil Kirkegaard. McKenzie uncritically quoted Hanania’s description of Sailer as “intellectually honest.”

In the days that followed, I did some digging into Hanania’s support network, revealing that he is handsomely funded by shadowy donors through a grifty, self-dealing “non-profit” likely based out of his Los Angeles-area home. (Previously unreported tidbit: another beneficiary of Hanania’s nonprofit is a former campus leader of the white nationalist group “Youth for Western Civilization.”) It also turned out that Hanania’s funding was drying up — right as McKenzie & Co. decided to promote his work on their podcast. McKenzie has aggressively avoided making any kind of comment on this episode, in both senses of the word.

Then last night, another episode of The Active Voice dropped. This one featured someone from a very different corner of the discourse: Washington Post internet culture reporter Taylor Lorenz. As I noted a year ago, Lorenz is a lightning rod for the extremely online right. Her investigations of far-right posters, in particular the anti-LGBT blogger Chaya Raichik, better known as the poster behind @LibsOfTikTok, have made her a constant target of right-wing and misogynistic attacks.

My immediate reaction was — 1) good for Taylor and 2) this must be some kind of balancing move in the minds of Substack corporate, one predicated on the assumption that a culture writer at a major newspaper and an openly racist troll who is bankrolled by semi-anonymous internet moguls represent the “two sides” of the culture wars.

Confirming my suspicions was a note pinned at the top of the episode’s comments section from McKenzie. It said:

I know that many people have strong feelings about anything to do with Taylor Lorenz, which is in part the unfortunate result of culture war behavior common on Twitter. We do not intend to moderate this comments section, even though we expect it to be… lively. Say what you will, but know that invective, ad hominen, and personal attacks are unlikely to achieve your ends. At best, this space supports thoughtful critique and respectful argument—so, can we aim for that? By shouting, you might achieve temporary personal release, but you are unlikely to convince anyone that you are the more reasonable one in the room or that your ideas are the better ones. Those behaviors might win on other platforms. They will not win here.

This is the Substack corporate pose: being above internet politics (“culture war behavior common on Twitter”) while gleefully reaping the clicks and attention by jumping into it head first. And indeed, the comment section under McKenzie’s post was exactly what you’d expect from a typical anti-Lorenz Two Minutes Hate. (See also: the supposedly anti-Twitter McKenzie begging Elon Musk to “start thinking of Substack as a friend” last week.)

I was going to let all of this go (I swear), until I logged onto Substack Notes and saw this:


For the blissfully uninitiated, here’s what’s going on there: The original poster — an “investigative reporter” whose recent scoops include the incredible find that “there was no pandemic1 (great news, everyone!) — is complaining that Substack must be irredeemably biased against him because it featured an interview with the reactionary trolls’ bête noire. Then McKenzie — who can’t be bothered to respond to a single question about the Hanania interview from anyone, mind you — jumps in to say: Don’t delete your account! Don’t take your newsletter elsewhere! We’re having on Alex Berenson — the anti-vax, reefer-madness-stoking COVID truther memorably dubbed “the pandemic’s wrongest man.”


The most likely reason for McKenzie's actions is that McKenzie is a stooge of the right-wing racists who fund Substack. And they are likely the same people who fund Hanania, which is why Hanania is getting this special promotional treatment in spite of being a racist piece of filth.

OK, so Hanania is a right-wing grifter who tweets racist stuff for fun and profit, and also runs an extremely lucrative “non-profit,” probably out of his house, which launders anonymous donor money in an explicit effort to reverse the most landmark piece of civil rights legislation in American history. So what, who cares if he went on a podcast with the co-founder of Substack?

Well I do, as someone who for better or for worse is associated with this platform — and someone who McKenzie personally invited to start a blog on here over four years ago.

But it’s a bit more than that. McKenzie didn’t just have a reactionary grifter on his show — a reactionary grifter who advertised the interview on his Twitter by saying the accompanying illustration made him look like a “trans joker.”4 He had him on and identified him as a centrist — and an enlightened one at that. This is the ultimate, and perhaps most dangerous, part of the grift: recycling old right-wing viewpoints as “a fascinating new voice in politics media,” and claiming it is the height of a rationalist tradition rooted in rejecting, as McKenzie put it, the “orthodoxies” of the “tribes” of the far right and left.

This is belied in two seconds if you just scan the list of writers that Hanania himself counts as “enlightened centrists,” in the blog post that inspired the interview. You can see him shifting the Overton Window in real time: on the “left” he includes centrists like Jonathan Chait and Matt Yglesias. In the “apolitical” (his term) center he includes people better described as conservatives, like Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan Haidt. And on the right, he includes neo-eugenicist Razib Khan and Steve Sailer. Sailer, widely regarded as a kingpin of the racist commentariat, is an open antisemite and columnist for the white supremacist blog VDARE. Among other things, he wrote in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that “the plain fact is that [Black Americans] tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups” and thus “need stricter moral guidance from society.”

And it isn’t like McKenzie didn’t know Sailer’s name was on Hanania’s recommended reading list. He independently brought him up as an example of someone Hanania considers “intellectually honest people!” (At the end of the interview, Hanania recommended a few other Substackers, one of whom positively cited The Bell Curve, and another who wrote a recent post titled “Homosexuality is a Mental Illness.”)

It appears that McKenzie is trying the old phony bipartisanship that Koch loves so well

But never count Peter Thiel out when it comes to racism and sleaze. We've seen the Thiel-funded Quillette mentioned in connection with the Overton Window.

With all the racists it is platforming (Hanania, Kirkegaard, Bo Winegard, Razib Khan, Indian Bronson - undoubtedly many more, those are just off the top of my head) and now promoting, it sure looks like Substack is going the way of Twitter - and if it's less obvious than with Twitter, that's probably because Peter Thiel is stealthier than Elon Musk.

And in fact, in another post about Hanania, Katz speculated on a connection between Hanania-funding and Peter Thiel:

Who are the donors hiding behind this? Some readers have suggested Ron Unz or Peter Thiel, both of whom I think might be good candidates. But without more insight, it’s impossible to say.

One thing that really interested me was Hanania's connection to Eric Kaufmann

On the podcast, McKenzie introduced Hanania as a “cultural critic.” (I’ve asked McKenzie for comment on the site’s new social platform. Will update if he responds.) Hanania is also a visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a lecturer at Bari Weiss’s separate, as-yet-unaccredited, University of Austin. But in the brief course of reporting my Friday post, I realized that Hanania claims a different job as his go-to title: as president of a little-known think tank that calls itself the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology.

It didn’t take more than a peek behind the innocuous name to see that something a little shady appears to be going on. According to publicly available IRS documents, the so-called “center” seemed to consist entirely of Hanania and two fellow reactionary academic friends, George Hawley of the University of Alabama and Eric Kaufmann of the University of London and Hudson Institute. In 2020, the “center’s” mailing address was a 1,000-square-foot (though million-dollar) two-bedroom house in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley. (Hanania, who studied at UCLA, acknowledged living in that area on his Substack last year.)

Although I was expecting to be appalled by Peter Thiel's CPAC for racists, I was gob-smacked by Eric Kaufmann's bluntly stated wish to turn back the clock on the Civil Rights movement:

During the questions portion of the panel, another speaker at the conference, Eric Kaufmann, asked a question.


So, yeah, just over in the Hoover Institution, Shelby Steele, who wrote a book called White Guilt, which is interesting because it's about the emergence of the racism taboo in the mid 1960s in the US and he argued that essentially moral authorities shifted from, you know, people of color having to defer to white people to then white people and American institutions have having to defer to people of color because they've lost their moral authority. So I'm just wondering to what extent you think those events in the mid 60s which led to the emergence of this anti racism taboo, from which subsequent taboos around sexuality and gender derived in a way, how important do you think that has been and do we need to revisit that taboo that emerged even though we may support, to some degree, what the spirit of of that taboo, I mean is there not an overreach that's resulted from that taboo. Do we need to question these taboos that emerged in the mid 60s in the US.

So the racist Right really does want to turn back the clock and end "the racism taboo (that emerged) in the mid 1960s." The mid-1960s was voting rights for Black people. 

Kaufmann is a Koch man, at the Manhattan Institute. Of course.

I have no doubt that in addition to "long-termism," which Katz talks about in one of his pieces on the glorification of racist Richard Hanania by Substack, another goal of the far-right is turning back the clock on Civil Rights. And the far-right is slowly but surely merging with the Republican Party.

I found it interesting that Katz was invited to join Substack by McKenzie himself:

OK, so Hanania is a right-wing grifter who tweets racist stuff for fun and profit, and also runs an extremely lucrative “non-profit,” probably out of his house, which launders anonymous donor money in an explicit effort to reverse the most landmark piece of civil rights legislation in American history. So what, who cares if he went on a podcast with the co-founder of Substack?

Well I do, as someone who for better or for worse is associated with this platform — and someone who McKenzie personally invited to start a blog on here over four years ago.

My guess is that Katz was invited to join Substack because he had embarrassed the United Nations.

But Katz is too good an investigator to remain in the dark for long about the ultimate funder(s) of Substack. So either Substack is going to find an excuse to get rid of Katz (and you can be sure they won't admit it's because he's embarrassing them) or Katz will quit in disgust. 

So although I signed up to Katz's Substack so I could read all his Hanania content, I doubt I'll stay a subscriber. And it's bad enough I'm helping legitimize that racist garbage heap called Substack.

Crooked Timber has an interesting response, The Correct Way to Argue with Richard Hanania, but I think author Henry Farrell is at least as gullible as he implies that Katz is:

And some of the facts are really not like the others. It might seem weird – if you aren’t read into debates among particular kinds of libertarians – to see that stuff about IQ and heritability in there. What work exactly is this rather jarring set of claims doing for the concept of Enlightened Centrism,? Do identified left-leaning Enlightened Centrists like Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias “rely on” these facts, as Hanania seems to suggest they do?
Readers – they do not. Hanania seemingly wants to reconstruct policy and intellectual debate around a center in which questions of race and IQ are once more legitimate topics of inquiry and discussion. Back in the 1990s (a time that Hanania is nostalgic for), soi-disant centrists such as Andrew Sullivan could devote entire special issues of the New Republic to the urgent debate over whether black people were, in fact, stupider than white people. Big Scientific Facts Said That It Was So! Now, that brand of intellectual inquiry has fallen into disrepute. Hanania, apparently yearns for it to come back. That, presumably, is why those claims about heritability and IQ are in there, and why Steve Sailer makes the cut. 
As it happens, Matt was one of the “CT mates” cited in the 2004 dsquared post that was excerpted right at the beginning of this post. I’ve had disagreements with Matt since, on other stuff, but I am quite sure that both he and Ezra are bitterly opposed to the whole race and IQ project that Hanania wants to relegitimize. I can’t imagine that they welcome being placed on a spectrum of reasonable thought that lumps them together with racist creeps like Steven Sailer. But I can imagine why Hanania wants so to lump them – it provides a patina of legitimacy for opinions that have rightly been delegitimated, but that Hanania wants to bring back into debate.
So to see what Hanania is up to, it’s more useful not to be distracted by the provocative and outrageous. Instead, you want to look very closely at what seems superficially reasonable, seems to be the starting point for debate and ask: is there something wrong with these premises? In this case, the answer, quite emphatically, is yes.
Still, you (for values of ‘you’ that really mean ‘I’) don’t want to get dragged in further unless you absolutely have to. As Noah Smith, another of Hanania’s involuntary inductees into the Enlightened Centrist Hall of Fame said, “”Race and IQ” racism is a DDOS attack” on the time and attention of anti-racists. This naturally provoked Hanania to pop up in replies with a sarcastic rejoinder. When I wrote that Vox article I had to spend weeks dealing with Jordan Peterson acolytes popping up to inform me of the Established Scientific Facts about race and IQ. I really don’t want to be back there again. So take this post as an attack on premises, and a statement of principles, rather than the slightest hint at a desire to get stuck back into discussion on race-IQ and similar. Very possibly (he says after 3,000+ words) the best way of arguing with Richard Hanania is simply not to argue at all.

I think that Farrell should trust Richard Hanania to know better than almost anybody else about who is really on Team Race Pseudoscience. Both Yglesias and Noah Smith have teamed up with Razib Khan - who is described in one of Katz's Hanania pieces (see above) as neo-eugenicist Razib Kahn  (and Katz groups Khan, accurately, with Steve Sailer.) And Smith even had a friendly call-out for Hanania, "a scholar."

Over at his Substack, Razib Khan interviews Richard Hanania, a scholar who studies partisanship and ideology. Hanania still thinks civil war is unlikely in the U.S., echoing the verdict of Paul Staniland, whom I interviewed before the coup went down.

When I tweeted at Noah Smith to ask him about his promotion of Khan and Hanania, he immediately blocked me. Original on Smith's Substack here.

Hanania also seems to have an insider's knowledge of the right-wing sentiments behind Substack, noted by The Racket:

(Hanania has said that “Substack itself was created to explicitly push back against leftist suppression of speech” — another comment I’d like McKenzie to weigh in on.)

At this point it doesn't look like McKenzie is ever going to explain why a far-right racist freak was promoted by Substack - because he doesn't have to, and no other mainstream-cred writers as far as I can see, except Katz, are even asking about it.

Razib Khan was recently seen promoting extreme racist and VDARE and White Supremacist Castle owner Peter Brimelow as an "immigration skeptic."

 UPDATE - Razib Khan asked ChatGPT to write a "Razib Khan style essay" and the results demonstrate that ChatGPT is a much better writer than Razib Khan

It's very interesting that Razib Khan thinks he knows what qualifies as good writing. Even his fellow racists think he's a terrible writer.

UPDATE: Hanania interviewing Amy Wax - Wax is so repellent she makes Hanania look reasonable by comparison. And that says a lot because Hanania's "Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology" is an absolute shit-show of race pseudoscience supporters, right-wingers and reactionaries, so of course Steven Pinker is right there.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Rest in Hell, racist Richard Lynn

 Now all the racists are sad.

From Rational Wiki:

Richard Lynn (1930–2023)[2] was a British white supremacist, psychologist, eugenicist, conspiracy theorist, and self-described "race realist" who formerly taught at the University of Ulster. A former editor-in-chief of the prominent racist pseudojournal Mankind Quarterly and an interviewee of many fascist and neo-Nazi groups, Lynn had claimed for decades that genetics is responsible for racial inequality and international wealth inequality.

Edward Croft Dutton (1980–) is a far-right eccentric English Youtuber grifter,[note 1] QAnon conspiracy theorist,[note 2] anti-vegan and transphobe who writes articles for the white nationalist site VDARE and The Unz Review plus is a regular speaker on Mark Collett's white supremacist podcast Patriotic Weekly Review.[3][4][5][6] He is a disgraced academic and pseudointellectual who was investigated by the University of Oulo and found guilty of scientific misconduct due to plagiarism.[7] He is pretentious and claims to be a Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at Asbiro University despite this being questionable at best. Critics label him a fraud.[8] 
Emil Ole William Kirkegaard who changed his name legally to William Engman[3] (online aliases: Deleet,[4] Deleetdk,[5] EmilOWK) is a Danish far-right eugenicist, climate change denier,[note 1] homophobe, perjurer[6] and activist for legalising child pornography and incest, as well as lowering age of consent.[7] Kirkegaard controversially argues that homosexuality is a mental illness and has also stated that it is a "good idea to legalize child porn" because he thinks viewing child porn reduces rape rates.[8][9] In 2023, he came out in support of Western imperialism and colonialism of Africa arguing "With Westerners, the common people will experience better health, economic growth (trade), justice (impartial courts), better governance, less war, less savagery."[10]The genocide of indigenous peoples and environmental degradation[11] doesn't seem to bother him.

 I assume they'll be in mourning at the Racist Rodeo this year, like they were for Jean-Phillipe Rushton and Arthur Jensen.

YouTube vs Andy Ngo

I've written about sleazy far-right "journalist" Andy Ngo many times on this blog, from his connection to Free Speech Grifters and Quillette to his connection via his sleazy lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon to Trump's ratfucking campaign - which of course culminated in the January 6 insurrection. Ngo was very sympathetic to the insurrectionists

But it was still good to see "Some More News" provide the video evidence of Ngo's friendly relationship with fascists and hear him do his fake British accent. Superb.

But wait, there's more!

Andy Ngo: The Next Generation of News Grifter | BEHIND THE BASTARDS.

The "Behind the Bastards" guy knows Cody Johnston from "Some More News" - they did a podcast together about Jordan Peterson

This is great and mentions Ngo's pioneering of stochastic terrorism (after Gamergate which was promoted by Ngo's pal Christina Hoff Sommers.)

Thursday, July 20, 2023

UPDATE on the City Journal/Manhattan Institute hit piece - POOF!!!

 So it looks like the hit piece I've been writing about for the past couple of weeks has disappeared.

I first learned about the City Journal/Manhattan Institute hit piece, "The Cancel Culture Troll with the Neo-Nazi Past" when I took a peek at Steven Pinker's Twitter feed and saw Pinker promoting the article

If Pinker was promoting it, I knew it was likely bad, and likely very pro-race pseudoscience.

The article was written by the pseudonymous "David Zimmerman" - and you can see why the author would not want to associate their real identity with the piece, it's dreck, a collection of speculations and bullshit combined with either an ignorance of the way that Wikis operate, or deliberate dissembling. 

And as if that wasn't bad enough, the article used a pseudonymously-authored Substack "Cancel Watch" as its source, a Substack dedicated to intimidating critics - or even just reporters - of race pseudoscience.

And as if THAT wasn't bad enough the Substacker appeared to have a direct connection to "David Zimmerman" and the article appears to be the culmination of a blackmail campaign against the subject of the piece.

The piece was so bad that the subject had begun to take legal actions against the Manhattan Institute.

And then, suddenly, the article went poof.

But thanks to the piece, it's clearer than ever that "intelligence research" is code for "race pseudoscience."

The Hall of Shame of right-wing race pseudoscience ghouls promoting this trashy article

The question is, what did they know about the blackmail attempt. 

Is anybody really surprised that Steven Pinker is on the same side of this issue as filthy racist Steve Sailer and White Supremacist Castle VDARE?

I have to admit, this whole incident has given me a new appreciation of RationalWiki, which I have mentioned a few times, but I'm much more likely to cite the Southern Poverty Law Center's descriptions of members and organizations of the race pseudoscience gang.

But RationalWiki's descriptions are much more entertaining!

The site appears to be mainly a platform for Peter Brimelow's anti-immigration views, which veer frequently into playing footsie with overt white nationalism; the other topics are window dressing. Brimelow has admitted that VDARE does publish people who are white nationalists.[4] VDARE has carried articles by fringe "academics" Jared Taylor, J. Philippe Rushton, Edward Dutton and Kevin MacDonald, who more than just flirt with overt "scientific" racism (or "racial realism", as they like to call it). It also carried articles by Sam Francis until his death in 2005.

VDARE takes its name from Virginia Dare, purportedly the first "white" child born in the New World. They apparently don't realize that this makes her the original "anchor baby."[note 1]

Other obsessions
Although tEh juice jOoOoOz and their malevolent machinations are arguably número uno on Sailer's list of way-past-unhealthy obsessions, he still finds plenty a-time in his sorry existence to squirt bigot-venom at African-Americans, the LGBT community, the Hispanic community, undocumented migrants, feminists and, in general, everyone and anyone who isn't a white heterosexual able-bodied male like himself. Yet even in his ideal Hitler wet dream, he'd still have a big problem with all the whites from 'mixed bloodlines'; his real ideal world is basically just him and all his friends and family, no one else stealing his oxygen. A particular fixation of his is with the author Ta-Nahesi Coates, about whom he has written at least ten op-eds in the Unz Review.[15][16]
Just enough to be persona non grata on any respectable message board or sub, not that he shows any signs of desisting from his self-appointed task of pumping hate-memes into the willing minds of his on-line acolytes. Think of him as a dead cat under the floorboards of the internet: worthless, repulsive and raising an unholy stench. But, sadly, also very difficult to get rid of.

Steve Sailer has been this way for decades - but that didn't stop Steven Pinker from promoting his career

UPDATE: speaking of Richard Hanania, Jonathan Katz has a piece on how lucrative it is these days to be a professional racist: Hanania backers include sex site mogul and Tyler Cowen.

To recap: Last Friday, Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie hosted former academic Richard Hanania on “The Active Voice,” a podcast that promises talks with “great writers” about how they “how they find the space for themselves to create great literature and journalism.” The Substack team either did not recognize or actively covered up Hanania’s prolific record of anti-Black racism and a eugenicist obsession with race and IQ. McKenzie described Hanania’s calls to repeal the 1964 Civil Rights Act as “gutsy.” McKenzie then sat back as Hanania’s recommended the writings of Steve Sailer — a columnist at the white supremacist blog VDARE — and of Emil Kirkegaard, a notorious Danish white nationalist and antisemite who advocates for incest and reducing the age of consent for girls to 13. (McKenzie has avoided repeated requests for comment over both email and Substack Notes.)

This inspired me to do a little more digging into Hanania’s current setup. I quickly discovered the real way Hanania “finds the space” for his “work”: a scammy nonprofit, apparently based out of his home outside Los Angeles, that he has used to funnel himself at least $297,500 over the past two years. The question was: Who was funneling the money into the nonprofit? Thanks to the help of some of your fellow readers, including The Informant’s Nick Martin, I’ve found some answers. 


Hanania also received a $50,000 donation from the Mercatus Center, the right-wing Koch brothers-funded think tank at George Mason University headed by libertarian economist (and blogger) Tyler Cowen. Emails sent to the Mercatus media desk also went unanswered. But Cowen has been outspoken in his support for Hanania, sitting down at least once to be interviewed by Hanania on the CSPI YouTube channel. (Cowen unsuccessfully tried to disabuse Hanania of his obsession with IQ.) 
The combined $250,000 from Conru and Meracatus represents less than a quarter of the $1.2 million that Hanania has raised since 2020, according to his federally required tax reports. The identity of his most lucrative benefactor is hidden behind one, and possibly two, charitable trusts: Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab. Specifically, in 2021 he received $600,000 from a donor hiding behind the Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Funds and $100,000 from the Schwab Charitable Fund. It is possible those are the same donor drawing on two different accounts, and possible that they represent two different donors — it’s impossible to say.


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