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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Eyes on the Prize

Before there was the much-needed 1619 project in the New York Times, there was the documentary, produced in the 1980s, about the Civil Rights movement "Eyes on the Prize."

It's especially important now, when the IDW is working to erase American history in order to maintain that black under-achievement is the fault of black genes.

The amount of racist vitriol stated on-camera in interviews from the 1960s - which is still within living memory - and stated without shame - offers not only empirical evidence, but the visceral intensity of the hatred felt by anti-Civil Rights whites. A hatred based on their belief that black people didn't deserve the right to vote.

In "Eyes on the Prize" we see members of the "White Citizens Council" - a member of which promoted the use of the word "equalitarianism" against integrationists. A term that Quillette's own Bo Winegard likes to use and for the exact same purpose although his enemies are not civil rights workers but people who criticize his feeble race science hypotheses.

I've cued up part 5 of Eyes on the Prize to where it introduces the White Citizens Council.

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