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Sunday, August 30, 2020

More evidence of Trump's Reichstag Fire strategy

Trump's Reichstag Fire strategy in the works since last summer.


It's obvious that Trump was counting on demonstrations - when they died down, he sent his goons to inflame them:
"While protests in Portland have persisted, their numbers have changed over time. The nightly events began with mass demonstrations after Mr. Floyd’s death, then shrank to smaller numbers of people who repeatedly clashed with the police. In July, when the federal government sent camouflaged agents into the city, the protest numbers grew dramatically once again."

When the numbers died down again recently, suddenly there was an armed MAGA caravan through the center of Portland.

It helps that groups like Antifa are anonymous and refuse to pledge non-violence. It's a simple matter for rightwing goons to join in the protests dressed as Antifa with face covered, and commit mayhem which is blamed on Antifa.

People have a right to demonstrate, but if you are going to be anonymous and fail to establish strict non-violence protocol you will be used by a vicious monster like Trump. 

That's why MLK succeeded against anti-Civil Rights smear jobs. Pledging non-violence.

And that's where we are. The President of the United States using Hitler's playbook.

I think it's likely that the reason Trump refused to have national guidelines for social distancing and curfews and other methods of controlling the coronavirus is because it got in the way of his plan to use demonstrations for his campaign strategy.

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