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Friday, October 23, 2020

Jerry Coyne finally semi-wakes up

It's been obvious for months that grifter James Lindsay is on board the Trump train, but Jerry Coyne managed to remain obtuse - deliberately or otherwise - until Lindsay literally declared he was voting for Trump and then not even Coyne could play dumb anymore.

But for some reason it bothers Coyne not at all that Lindsay works with - and probably for - religious extremist Michael O'Fallon. I think it's most likely O'Fallon's influence - cash transactions or otherwise - that explains why Lindsay supports Trump.

Coyne certainly was aware of New Discourses, the project run by O'Fallon, Lindsay and Coyne's friend Peter Boghossian.

PZ Myers notes that James Lindsay was a speaker at a conference run by O'Fallon.

Lindsay is also a shameless hypocrite - but then Coyne is Steven Pinker's leading fan boy and occasional mouthpiece and Pinker is shameless too.

You have to wonder if Coyne will ever regret his fervent support for such an obvious con man and grifter like Lindsay, or if Coyne is just as shameless as Pinker and Lindsay.

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