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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Charles Murray blows it all up

The main argument - possibly the only argument made by promoters of race pseudo-science - against the claim they are racists is this: they can't be racist because although they believe Black people are innately more stupid & criminal as a group, they believe it is wrong to discriminate against individuals. 

Not only is this racist, it's the legal definition of discrimination.

If permissible discrimination on the basis of race is not systemic racism, then nothing is. Which is exactly Murray's goal - to deny the existence of systemic racism.

Denial of systemic racism is of course the leading race pseudo-science tactic: deny the 400-year-long system of immiseration in the United States, perpetrated against enslaved people and their descendants, a system that is still active now.

The goal is to blame the victims by saying their own genetics are at fault, not systemic racism. 

Charles Murray is awful, but it must never be forgotten that his career of denying systemic racism and promoting race pseudo-science has always been propped up by right-wing plutocrats like William H. Hammett and Charles Koch, and promoted by journalistic hacks like Andrew Sullivan.

If Murray and his enablers could succeed in making discrimination on the basis of ethnicity legal again through race pseudo-science, the result would be continuing immiseration and a vicious cycle: Black people have been systematically immiserated for 400 years, and as a result they have failed to thrive. Take that failure to thrive, use it to justify further immiseration by denying Black people equal job opportunities.

The goal of Murray and his enablers: to maintain a permanent underclass on the basis of race. They are thoroughly evil human beings.

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