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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Dope, Phat, Chill, Fly, Sick and Da Bomb

 Let's face it, no matter how many times I point out that Steven Pinker aids and abets racemongers and racists, this review in the NYTimes about his book Rationality is going to do far more damage to his career as a celebrity intellectual than I ever could.

Less hysterically funny is his Marie Antoinette approach to social issues:

The trouble arrives when he tries to gussy up his psychologist’s hat with his more elaborate public intellectual’s attire. The person who “succumbs” to the “small pleasure” of a lasagna dinner instead of holding out for the “large pleasure of a slim body” is apparently engaged in a similar kind of myopic thinking as the “half of Americans nearing retirement age who have saved nothing for retirement.” His breezy example elides the fact that — according to the same data — the median income for those non-saving households is $26,000, which isn’t enough money to pay for living expenses, let alone save for retirement.

And there can't be a Pinker book WITHOUT Pinker aiding and abetting racemongers and racists. Steve Sailer claimed he's been an influence on Pinker - I think this demonstrates Sailer is correct.

Some of Pinker’s observations on racial issues are similarly blinkered. Are mortgage lenders who turn down minority applicants really being racist, he muses, or are those lenders simply calculating default rates “from different neighborhoods that just happen to correlate with race?” (A long history of racist redlining may “happen” to have something to do with this too, but Pinker doesn’t get into it.) 

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