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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Pinkerite gets a shout-out from a racist fan of Steven Pinker

I don't usually pay attention to who is looking at my paper Steven Pinker's right-wing, alt-right & hereditarian connections, but I happened to notice someone coming in from Cambridge Massachusetts (home of Harvard University), who followed a link from a racemongering web site "Human Evolution News" to my paper. Turns out the site mentions me by name.

It doesn't take long to determine how racist the site is - its "Race Realism" page has a photo of Hans Eysenck, - right next to a photo of Steven Pinker. The quote under Eysenck: “I am not a racist for believing it possible that negroes may have special innate gifts for certain athletic events, such as sprints, or for certain musical forms of expression.. .. Nor am I a racist for seriously considering the possibility that the demonstrated inferiority of American negroes on tests of intelligence may, in part, be due to genetic causes.

It's funny how many hardcore racists love Steven Pinker.

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