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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Perjurer & racist Emil O W Kirkegaard comes for me

Recently I got a heads-up from someone on Twitter that Emil O W Kirkegaard was lying about me - on the same issue that Razib Khan lied about me - some anonymous rando Twitter account. I caught Razib Khan promoting that lie a couple of weeks ago.

Kirkegaard appears to have a team of anonymous Twitter randos who attack on his behalf. In the image above a rando named "Trevor Sutcliffe" provides his crackpot theory on how I was involved in the anonymous Twitter account. Then Kirkegaard encourages him to write up his "findings" which Kirkegaard can then share. 

It was no surprise that Kirkegaard calls me a "catlady" - misogyny usually goes along with racism.

Emil Kirkegaard is such a big liar, he even committed perjury, as documented by Oliver Smith in his court case with Kirkegaarrd:

Emil Kirkegaard committed perjury

Kirkegaard is not only in contempt of court for breaching costs order(s) but lying to the High Court were he lives (he committed perjury by falsely claiming he lives at a different address and seems to have given a dubious description of his employment). I raised this with my solicitor, only to learn Kirkegaard’s own solicitor dropped him; not a surprise, given his bad conduct and dishonesty. In the last few months of litigation – Kirkegaard was pro se and he refused to respond to any emails (sent by my solicitor and the court). Kirkegaard’s alma mater also criticised him for making untrue claims about himself, so he has a history of lying (even his colleagues have described him “extremely dishonest”).

Emil Kirkegaard, who edits frequently under the username Deleet, is a research fellow at Richard Lynn’s Ulster Institute for Social research and the co-founder of the online pseudojournal OpenPsych.
Meanwhile, Encyclopedia Dramatica accuses Kirkegaard of defending pedophilia.

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