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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Derrr I think I'll use a famous misogynist quote...

"Derrr... I think I'll use a famous misogynist quote in order to make a point about training cats."

Is there anybody in the science world more obnoxious, with the exception of Steven Pinker, than Jerry "I swoon for Steven Pinker's boots" Coyne?

Jerry Coyne is a good buddy of the biggest fans of race pseudoscience: Steven Pinker and Michael Shermer, who are in turn influenced by Jean-Phillippe Rushton. Pinker was a promoter of the careers of both Steve Sailer and Razib Khan twenty years ago when both were singing the praises of Rushton

Then I discovered that Coyne claimed to never have heard of Rushton.

Pretty amazing right? There's no way Coyne could be a bigger ignoramus than that, right?


Coyne was chortling today about his inclusion in CPAC for racists:
Now, according to the announcement below (click to read), you can livestream it, seeing all the talks (and a panel with PCC[E]) in real time. (They’ll also be archived on YouTube.) Big fun, and the Woke are sharpening their knives and fangs. The site below reprises the schedule and speakers. Be there or be square!
Now Peter Thiel will be the keynote speaker because of course he will, he's likely not only funding this racist roundup, he's likely also paying most of the speakers on a regular basis via one funding vehicle or another, including of course Quillette.

Peter Thiel is famous for his hostility towards democracy and for his funding of Donald Trump and MAGA politicians like J. D. Vance. Most people over the age of 15 who have political opinions have heard of Peter Thiel. 

Well Jerry Coyne is well over 15 and spouts his reactionary political opinions on his blog daily, but as of October 21, 2022 Jerry Coyne claimed to never have heard of Peter Thiel!

Which gives you an idea of how ignorance-based Jerry Coyne's reactionary views are. Absolutely flabbergasting.

But now that he knows that this sociopathic enemy of democracy is running the show do you think Coyne will change his mind about participating? 

But why would he, all his friends will be there, whining about how whenever they start floating their reactionary and/or race pseudoscience views they are criticized.

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