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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Scocca vs. Singal

I don't know why anybody would hire Jesse Singal as a journalist. His whole thing is to make the story about himself.

He's already taking money from Koch and whoever is funding his Substack and other social media, he should just become a full-time right-wing media personality and stop with the pretense to journalism.

A reminder that Jesse Singal has been cooperating with the far right - including the anti-trans and racist Quillette - long before the Republican Party decided to make anti-trans its primary platform.

Singal and Scocca have a long-standing animosity.

Some very interesting information about Jesse Singal at Jesse Singal biography: timeline to transphobia

Including the info that Singal's father was arrested for soliciting a prostitute April 27, 2022.

Signal, however, is not just your average ‘John’. He is in fact a very well known lawyer in the New England Area, who previously held the position of Assistant United States Attorney and Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts before beginning his private practice career, according to his biography page on the site of the law firm Hinckley Allen.

In the police report obtained by Live Boston, investigators document the moment they approached Singal and the unnamed woman in extreme detail, “As Detective Williams approached the vehicle he could clearly observe through the unobstructed vehicle windows the female in the front seat who was leaning over to the drivers lap area with her head moving in a upward and downward motion.” 

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