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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Not so fast, Quillette

 Quillette was seen today in that cesspool T itter, trying to whitewash its reputation, in spite of its far-right positions and its support for race pseudoscience, via ChatGPT.

So I went over to ChatGPT and had a little talk with it and by the end we agreed:

Yes indeed, ChatGPT, since Quillette does publish articles that promote race pseudoscience and since Quillette employs individuals who promote race pseudoscience, this raises questions about the publication's values and standards.

And yes, any claims or ideas that promote race pseudoscience should be challenged and debunked with evidence and reason. I will continue to do that. Thank you for your support.

As far as I can tell, the current Quillette Editorial Board is Jon Kay, Jamie Palmer, Claire Lehmann and Bo Winegard.

As I told ChatGPT, Bo Winegard is a notorious promoter of race pseudoscience and even a neo-Nazi, and I have been compiling evidence about Winegard for years.

Jon Kay has been associated with sleazy Quillette for years and is a huge hypocrite, moaning about a writer being "mobbed" then going on to participate in the exact same kind of behavior a couple of years later, as I documented here. Aided by Trump's vicious little rat-fucker Andy Ngo.

Jamie Palmer was the Quillette editor who was duped by the Archie Carter hoax. There's no such thing as shame at Quillette. Or standards. But then, Palmer apparently goes back to the earliest days of Quillette, which is maybe why he can only fail up. 

Claire Lehmann is an execrable human being, the founder of race pseudoscience-promoting Quillette and probably took money from nutty Peter Thiel to do it. She's a long-time supporter of Winegard, attacking me for daring to discuss Winegard's love of "human biodiversity" theories, and made an international name for herself as a racist idiot a couple of years ago.

Speaking of Peter Thiel, I couldn't help asking ChatGPT about the Thiel-Quillette connection.

Lehmann denied that Thiel funded Quillette. But clearly "Quillette" puts a lot of faith in ChatGPT - which is not known for its factual reliability.

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