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Monday, February 19, 2024

Racists agree: Lee Jussim is the best

I received a heads-up recently about Lee Jussim's book, "Social Perception and Social Reality" on Amazon.

Lee Jussim is a failure of a psychology professor at Rutgers University whose work (which as far as I can tell involves screaming "stereotypes are real!" over and over again) is so insignificant that the only people who pay attention to him are racists.

He's an absolute disgrace to Rutgers. 

I've mentioned on this blog that among Lee Jussim's biggest fans is the hardcore racist organization American Renaissance. Although being a hardcore racist organization does not stop Donors Trust from giving it money.

Here is the American Renaissance blurb, displayed right there on Amazon, for Jussim's "Social Perception and Social Reality."

American Renaissance has published pieces from Quillette, including work from the Winegard twins, Gregory Cochran and Jerry Coyne. Lee Jussim has also written for the racist, "hereditarian" Quillette. Of course.

The book got a five star rating on Amazon, from seven people, and five people gave reviews. There are no other ratings, by the way. All five people who have read Jussim's book think it's just the greatest.

Jussim could also be seen at Peter Thiel's CPAC for racists.

He's also a buddy of hardcore racist and "biosocial criminologist" John Paul Wright.

Jussim is a devoted member of the racist-right mob, as you can see from his Twitter timeline. He admires people like Bari Weiss and Jonathan Haidt. Also, Jussim appears to have an obsessive hatred of Claudine Gay.

The racist-right loves Bari Weiss so very much. I guess because she knows how to get funding from disgusting  billionaire sugar daddies like Supreme Court corrupter Harlan Crow.

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