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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Exploring the Intellectual Dark Web

Bari Weiss, conservative columnist at the New York Times in her infamous article on the topic, mentioned the people in the list below, as either members of or allies of the "intellectual" dark web.
  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali 
  2. Mike Cernovich 
  3. Sam Harris 
  4. Heather Heying 
  5. Alex Jones 
  6. Charlie Kirk 
  7. Claire Lehmann 
  8. Abby Martin 
  9. Stefan Molyneux 
  10. Charles Murray 
  11. Douglas Murray 
  12. Maajid Nawaz 
  13. Candace Owens 
  14. Jordan Peterson 
  15. Steven Pinker 
  16. Joe Rogan 
  17. David Rubin 
  18. Ben Shapiro 
  19. Michael Shermer 
  20. Debra Soh 
  21. Christina Hoff Sommers 
  22. Eric Weinstein 
  23. Bret Weinstein 
  24. Kanye West 
  25. Milo Yiannapoulos

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