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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The graphophobia present in Steven Pinker's fan base

This tweet is by Pinkerite Evan Sandhoefner
and this is his web site.
There's something that's puzzled me for some time about Steven Pinker's fan base. They seem to have a form of graphophobia.

I blogged about this in my personal blog some months ago, when one of Pinker's far-right fans, someone so racist he described famous white supremacist Jared Tayler as "a mild-manner statistician and dedicated proponent of freedom of association" suggested that the mere fact that I created a diagram "Steven Pinker's rightwing, alt-right and hereditarian connections" was an indication that I was a crazy paranoid.

I don't remember there being any similar suggestions among Pinker's fan base when Bari Weiss joined Pinker to Stefan Molyneux and other extremists in her article on the Intellectual Dark Web.

Go a click in one direction and the group is enhanced by intellectuals with tony affiliations like Steven Pinker at Harvard. But go a click in another and you’ll find alt-right figures like Stefan Molyneux and Milo Yiannopoulos and conspiracy theorists like Mike Cernovich (the #PizzaGate huckster) and Alex Jones (the Sandy Hook shooting denier).
For his part, Pinker praised the article. So what is the issue here? Do Pinkerites have a problem with the same information presented in graphic format that they are OK with when it is presented as text?

I find it very odd that the response of Pinker fans to my pointing out that Pinker indisputably promoted the career of white supremacist Steve Sailer when he included Sailer's (very bad) work in "The Best Science and Nature Writing of 2004" is NOT "that's awful that Steven Pinker promoted the career of a white supremacist" but rather "that bitch is crazy for pointing out that Steven Pinker promoted the career of a white supremacist."

There's just something about Pinkerites that makes them refuse to acknowledge Pinker's pro-race science activities.