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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Claire Lehmann's Quillette aligning yet again with the Koch brothers

You can hear the tone in the videos she's made for Canada's far-right Rebel Media. I can't listen to Lehmann speak for more than a few seconds before my teeth start grinding.

I don't have the definitive evidence that Lehmann is paid by the Koch brothers that I do for Christina Hoff Sommers and Cathy Young, who both have Reason magazine bylines, but I think it's inevitable that they would pay her to do what she does.

I don't think Lehmann, Sommers and Young would spend so much of their waking lives hating feminists - or even just any woman who writes popular fiction that presents a man in an unflattering light - if it wasn't a lucrative and easy gig.
Although Cathy Young especially seems to
really enjoy her job of hating other women
out of a misguided belief that this
is supporting men somehow - you can

read Cat Person here
and decide for yourself if the prose
is as bad as all that.

Here's Lehmann's participation in a Mercatus Center project, another Koch brothers-funded enterprise. The term "political correctness" is used twenty-nine times in the interview. Follow the link and use the handy search box to see for yourself.

It was recently brought to my attention that Lehmann is publishing Michael Shellenberger, whose speciality is anti-renewable energy. Here he defends the Koch brothers

Shellenberger runs a pro-nuclear power organization "Environmental Progress" - what a perfect Koch brothers-esque astroturf name - and one of his Science and Economy Advisors is... Steven Pinker.

And here's Shellenberger's paen to Marie Curie who according to this NYTimes piece from twenty years ago:
...tended to deny the perils of radiation, despite being deeply troubled by the deaths in the 1920's of colleagues and radiation workers from leukemia.
Sounds like the perfect mascot for Shellenberger.

Now I haven't found evidence that Shellenberger is being funded by the Koch brothers, but his projects certainly align perfectly with the Koch brothers hostility toward renewable energy. And "Environmental Progress" defends the Koch brothers here:
Policymakers and journalists have made much of corporate funding for efforts to kill clean energy. Mostly those efforts have focused on the Koch brothers and Exxon. Fair treatment would require more focus on groups like ELPC and Sierra Club, which have taken money from natural gas companies while fighting nuclear energy, America’s largest source of clean, low carbon power.

...For almost three decades the forests around the shuttered nuclear power plant have been absorbing contamination left from the 1986 reactor explosion. Now climate change and lack of management present a troubling predicament: If these forests burn, strontium 90, cesium 137, plutonium 238 and other radioactive elements would be released, according to an analysis of the human health impacts of wildfire in Chernobyl's exclusion zone conducted by scientists in Germany, Scotland, Ukraine and the United States.

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