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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jon Kay, editor at Quillette, refuses to deny Koch brothers funding

During the recent Twitter mobbing of a Canadian academic by the Quillette/Intellectual Dark Web/Rebel Media gang, I asked Jonathan Kay of Quillette several times, directly, whether or not Quillette gets funding from the Koch brothers, as I strongly suspect they do.

Kay refused to deny it.

During this time he called on Claire Lehmann to "smite" me when I was criticizing her and he played the old tactic of the Quillette/Intellectual Dark Web/Rebel Media to claim that if you criticize Lehmann, who is in fact a professional misogynist, that somehow means that you resent a woman for being successful.

But there's being successful, and there's having right-wing plutocrat sugar daddies support your right-wing media entity.

Now Lehmann blocked me on Twitter long ago because I harshly criticized her and "human biodiversity" proponent Bo Winegard for promoting race science.

But she still chimed in at Kay's behest - since she's blocked me I had to log into Twitter with a different account to get this screen shot. Of course she didn't address me directly, since she's a weasel like that.

If you think about this for two seconds you realize
that Lehmann's take on "smiting" makes Kay's
initial use of the term truly creepy.
I've already discussed Claire Lehmann's catty comments (along with Christina Hoff Sommers and Cathy Young) about young fiction author Kristen Roupenian. That, combined with her response when Jon Kay summoned her to smite me demonstrates yet again that Claire Lehmann has the personality of a high school mean girl but without even a high schooler's wit.

It boggles my mind that Kay got to spend time with Justin Trudeau and yet now prefers to spend his time with people like Claire Lehmann and other members of the Quillette/IDW/Rebel Media gang.

Kay's mother, Barbara Kay, is a well-known far right-winger in Canada - yes there is a whole other world in Canada, my American compatriots - and so I guess preferring shit to Shinola is a Kay family tradition.

Barbara Kay is a fan of Quillette and has written for another rag, The Post Millennial which joined in on the Quillette/IDW/Rebel Media mobbing and smeared me while they were at it. I will talk about that soon.

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