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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Andy Ngo, the grift and the Republican Party

Less than a week after an unidentified
individual punched Andy Ngo,
Harmeet K. Dhillon is riding
the grift all the way
Pinkerite's mission is to focus on the mainstreaming of race science, but since the Intellectual Dark Web - recently describe by The National Review, correctly as "reactionary" has many connections to the right, Pinkerite must discuss politics directly from time to time, without the race science emphasis.

Which brings us to the Andy Ngo incident.

Last Saturday, June 29,  Ngo was at a clash between the far-right Proud Boys and the far-left Anifa (Anti-fascism) and had milkshakes and sillystring thrown at him and is on video being punched.

Andy Ngo was first declared a grifter - literally a "conservative activist" - in the mainstream media in the March 2018 article in GQ entitled The Free Speech Grifters (my bold):
Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor turned conservative provocateur, said he's figured out "how to monetize social justice warriors." Ben Shapiro, who rose to fame "owning" liberals on college campuses, sells "Leftist Tears" mugs and a book entitled How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them. Andy Ngo, a conservative activist who followed Sommers around to her Portland engagements, asked for donations after he published a video of the Lewis & Clark episode, notably edited down to just the protesting rather than including Sommers's ideas. Sommers vouched for Ngo's plea for money, tweeting that "he works tirelessly promoting free expression in Portland area. Often for no compensation. Help him out if you can." 
Ngo seems to be raising funds for his career constantly and it doesn't take much for him to create a cause, as he did when Katie Herzog, a fan of Quillette wrote a positive article for The Stranger about Ngo and his career as a "journalist." The title of the article explains why Ngo is such a valuable asset to the right, which normally claims to be opposed to identity politics: Anti-Racist Protesters Harass Gay Asian-American Journalist

Ngo, although not mentioned in the Bari Weiss article, is in tight with the IDW, as his connection to Christina Hoff Sommers demonstrates. Pinkerite has mentioned Ngo several times previously on this blog. And he writes for Quillette.

Quillette's Claire Lehmann promoted the unsupported claim that Antifa put quick-drying cement in milkshakes, even going further by calling it a "chemical attack."

Media Matters published a story: How conservative figures turned a flimsy rumor about "concrete milkshakes" in Portland into a meme - Nobody is doubting that there was a physical confrontation. The details, however, remain murky.

And now the Republican Party has gotten into the act.

Andy Ngo's lawyer is Harmeet K. Dhillon, a Republican committee woman, according to her Twitter profile. She tried to join the Trump administration, according to her Wiki.

She has advocated on behalf of Milo Yiannopoulos, another individual mentioned as a grifter in the GQ article.

Pinkerite has noted the apparent strategy on the part of the IDW to try to intimidate civil rights organizations by threatening to sue critics.

Her Twitter timeline shows that Harmeet K. Dhillon has no problem with financial/legal intimidation against free speech.

Less than a week after the Ngo incident, Harmeet K. Dhillon has founded a 501(c)(3) organization which she tweeted will serve "Americans who are not served by the traditional civil rights establishment." She means conservative activists like Andy Ngo and also, most likely, far-right extremists like the Proud Boys.

This appears to have been Harmeet K. Dhillon's plan for a long time. According to Breitbart last August:
Attorney Harmeet Dhillon argued during a Breitbart News Sunday appearance on SiriusXM that conservatives need to use the legal system to defend their civil rights.
I think Dhillon's ultimate goal is to aid in the re-election of Donald Trump by making an issue of the violence of "the left" to deflect from the fact that Donald Trump loves murderous (often journalist-murdering) dictators, "very fine" Nazis, and locking children up in concentration camps

And thanks to our gullible media and a shameless rightwing machine funded by god knows how much plutocrat money, you don't need much more than an unidentified individual or two, throwing a punch at a conservative activist, to launch an anti-left campaign.

Couldn't be easier for Republicans to run this grift.

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