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Monday, July 15, 2019

Charles Murray and Steve Sailer

For a long time Steven Pinker supported the career of Steve Sailer, so it should be no surprise that Charles Murray and Steve Sailer are buddies, as we see here in a July 14, 2019 tweet by Murray making a friendly ironical comment to Sailer.

We can see Sailer expressing a "Like" for Murray's comment.

Murray was responding to Sailer's own ironic comment, in which Sailer expresses ridicule of the idea that location of ancestry is different from race.

But in fact, and in spite of the carelessness of terminology by proponents of race science,  like Bret Weinstein, location of ancestry is very different from "race."
  • Location of ancestry is an empirically verifiable factor of someone's genetic inheritance. 

23&Me distinguishes between French & German and British & Irish as displayed in an excerpt from my own 23&Me profile.

Now what does it mean to say that French & German are genetically different from British & Irish and yet say that both are "white"? And what about Southern Europeans? Are they "white"? It is very often possible to distinguish Italians, for example, from the Irish due to different skin and hair coloration - factors that are huge deals in determining "race" in the world of race "science."

It's clear that race is entirely a social construct.

One of my cousins, on my father's side, also has a 23 & Me profile and she has less British & Irish ethnicity than I do - hers is 69%. And yet one of her brothers, when he got married, had a big Irish-themed wedding, in spite of being more than a quarter non-Irish.

People often believe what they want to believe about their ethnicity.

But scientists should be held to higher standards than simply whim. Which is why race science is crap.

And people like Charles Murray and Steve Sailer, who promote race science, are at best irresponsible.

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