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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Steven Pinker, Quillette, Linda Gottfredson and Stefan Molyneux

Well Steven Pinker was on my good side last week when he actually managed to condemn Trump's racism.

That didn't last long. I suspected it wouldn't.

Here is Pinker today promoting the center for race science and modern phrenology, Quillette.

To fully understand the race science beliefs of Steven Pinker and Quillette it is necessary to observe their support for hardcore racists over the years.

What they do is outsource the hardcore race beliefs to the less-respectable, being careful not to publicly agree with them too bluntly but still managing to support them, one way or the other.

Pinker will not admit straight-out that he supports the conclusions of race in publications like The Bell Curve, going so far as to claim he didn't agree with that book on race.

But in the very same tweet in which Pinker said he didn't agree with the conclusions about race in The Bell Curve he provided his many Twitter followers with a link to an article which defends the Bell Curve's conclusions about black people.

Leading many people who pay attention to the career of Steven Pinker to conclude he is a weasel.

In that two-faced tweet Pinker displayed a standard strategy in his approach to race science: focus all attacks on the critics of race science. The same technique Pinker used in defense of Linda Gottfredson, seen in this tweet. 

In autumn 2018 Gottfredson's invitation to be a keynote speaker at the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance meeting in Sweden was rescinded, no doubt when they got around to looking at her Wiki.

Quillette published an article complaining about the disinvitation, but failed to mention anything about Gottfredson's race science career, let alone The Pioneer Fund. 

Steven Pinker defended Gottfredson without mentioning her race science career while at the same time attacking the Southern Poverty Law Center because they do mention her race science career.

As far as I am aware, Pinker has never criticized the outrageous race science statements of Linda Gottfredson, like the time she sat down with Stefan Molyneux to rank "races" by intelligence.

This is how it works for the "respectable" proponents of race science. They outsource the most blatant promotion of race and intelligence claims to the likes of Molyneux and Gottfredson, while finding ways to attack critics of race science, focusing on fairness or free speech or politeness, to give themselves distance and plausible deniability.

Steven Pinker, supporter of people like Sailer and Gottfredson does not get his invitations to speak (at places like the United Nations) rescinded because people are not aware of his connections to race science.

That is one of the things this blog hopes to change.

Molyneux's YouTube channel was taken down but you can hear him and Linda Gottfredson ranking "races" by intelligence on this person's YouTube channel.

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