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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Bo Winegard doesn't like his RationalWiki page

Bo Winegard published a piece in Medium today about his RationalWiki entry:
Needless to say, this is not a dispassionate account of my beliefs or my professional life. It’s an ideologically motivated smear job. To the best of my knowledge, I do not promote “pseudoscience.” I am certain that I am wrong about a number of things. But I am open to evidence. And I would never willingly promote something that I knew was false. I have made no attempt to “surround” myself with “white nationalists”. Most of my friends are liberal to progressive.
As so often with Winegard this paragraph is a combination of self-pity, self-regard and bullshit.

Winegard is not "open to evidence" because he is paid by Quillette (and probably others) to promote race science, and his tendency, like Claire Lehmann, to block critics of race science is one example of his refusal to listen to evidence and reason concerning race science.

From the Bo Winegard RationalWiki:
Winegard spends most of his time on Twitter talking about race and the alleged evils of liberalism.[citation NOT needed] He retweets Nathan Cofnas, Charles Murray, Noah Carl, Emil Kirkegaard, James Thompson and other alt-righter "race realists". Winegard identifies as a member of the alt-center which is basically an attempt by white nationalists in the alt-right to re-brand themselves as political moderates.[10]
However Winegard is correct there is a factual error in the article which includes this reference:
EvoPsych and Scientific Racism — a critique of Winegard's "Human Biological and Psychological Diversity" article by Steven Pinker on Freethought Blogs
As Winegard notes in his Medium piece:
Steven Pinker has never denounced my work, although it is certainly possible that he disagrees with some of my hypotheses.
I've never seen any evidence that Pinker disagrees with anything Bo Winegard has ever said, and in fact Pinker has enthusiastically recommended the work of the Winegards, in particular their defense of The Bell Curve and its claim of black genetic intellectual inferiority.

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