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Monday, November 25, 2019

Rebel Media Contributor Timeline & Quillette's damaged reputation

I came across this fascinating item on a site called Datawrapper:
Rebel Media Contributors Timeline
Start dates for each contributor's tenure are cleaned up from the Wayback Machine's caches of the Rebel Media masthead list. The first cached copy is from February 15th 2015, which is the same day that the Rebel posted their first YouTube video. The most recent copy of the list that is mapped is a cached copy from May 17th 2019. End dates from this data have been adjusted based on a variety of sources; these can be found in the data sourced below.
It's interesting to note that Claire Lehmann had already founded Quillette in October 2015, and became a far-right Rebel Media contributor in March 2016, after starting Quillette.

In spite of Quillette's attempts to brand itself as centrist, Lehmann was not at all concerned that her connection to far-right Rebel Media, with its roster of extremists like Faith Goldy and Gavin McInnes would reflect badly on Quillette, in the early days.

A Quillette fan recently complained about Quillette critics on Twitter:

As much as I would like to take credit for "permanently damaging" Quillette, I think Quillette damaged its own reputation by hiring rightwing operatives like Andy Ngo and promoting race science from the very beginning as can be seen in a Quillette article from November 2015 in which "biosocial criminologist" Brian Boutwell whines about pushback he's seen against the race science bullshit he promotes.

But I think the major source of Quillette's reputation damage comes directly from attacks by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. And I don't think he could reasonably be described as "leftist cultural power."

But no matter who gets credit for Quillette's reputational damage, it seems that Quillette is still on a downhill slide, if Graphtreon's statistics are accurate, with a 33.3% drop in patrons for YTD 2019.

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