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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Turning over the IDW rock

Ever since racist crackpot HBD Chick attacked one of the most congenial people ever to attempt to reason with race science proponents on Twitter, a few days ago, I've been paying more attention to her than usual.

When the hell is a representative of Bill Watterson going to tell HBD Chick to
stop abusing Watterson's copyright by associating Hobbes with her racism?

The first result was the post from the other day about the crackpottery of HBD Chick.

HBD Chick's claim that Twitter account Rasmansa is rude - seen in the tweet above - is completely bonkers - I've complained to him a few times that he is too nice to race science creeps, including Ben Winegard, seen agreeing with HBD Chick.

I keep telling people that there's no point in being nice to the IDW race science gang - they are paid to promote race science, not to debate in good faith the swill they are paid to promote.

The only way you can be "nice" enough that they won't complain is to agree with them and tell them how brilliant they are.

Otherwise they will find an excuse to piously moo, sooner or later, about "rudeness." Certainly they consider rudeness to be a much greater sin than grotesque festering hateful racism, which Steve Sailer represents and which HBD Chick completely supports.

This attack on Rasmansa vindicates my approach to race science mongers, which is to expressly not be nice to them. I consider them racist crackpots pushing pseudo-science because they're too stupid to realize it's bullshit or too evil to care.

I see no reason to pretend otherwise. Being nice doesn't get you anywhere with these creeps as Rasmansa found out.

Anyway, so while I was checking out HBD Chick's Twitter feed I saw this fascinating tweet.

So many questions.

I had no idea that the American Enterprise Institute had a cafeteria. What a scene that must be. I wonder if Charles Koch ever shows up to see what he's paying for.

Koch has supported several people associated with the IDW.

I find it curious that Steve Sailer and HBD Chick are linked together like that. I've heard rumors that they have a personal connection and are more than just comrades in evil, but I don't have definite proof. Certainly they are each others' biggest fans.

But why is the AEI cafeteria crowd having animated conversations about two of the most shameless racists around? Although Sailer had a connection to Steven Pinker for years, Sailer has not been included as a member of the Intellectual Dark Web.

But certainly IDW Charles Murray, an AEI scholar is fond of Sailer. And Sailer is naturally fond of another AEI scholar, professional misogynist Christina Hoff Sommers, (while harping on Roxane Gay's weight and expressing his seething hatred for the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC wrote an accurate piece about Sailer in 2008 which undoubtedly fueled his hatred.)

And authors at AEI have occasionally linked or quoted Sailer, including Charles Murray.

So Steve Sailer has semi-official connections to AEI. Maybe AEI is considering putting him and HBD Chick on the payroll.

Meanwhile Steve Sailer frets about why he hasn't gone viral as he feels he should.

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