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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Cancelled by Thomas Chatterton Williams

Alas, fallout from my criticism of the Harper's Letter - Pinkerite has been cancelled by the instigator of the Letter, the self-important, Koch-friendly Thomas Chatterton Williams.

I found this out on the very day that Williams reported that his (I guess former) friend had to "self-expel" from Williams' home in the French countryside for speaking ill of Bari Weiss without providing enough backup.

There's just something so funny about this, I was laughing until I was out of breath. 

I think it's the combination of the location - the French countryside (and now includes a chateau)  plus throwing his friend out for insufficient argument plus over Bari Weiss plus his impulse to share it on Twitter plus the ever-popular stock character The Hypocrite.

Although apparently Williams deleted the tweets at his wife's request.

Not only is the immortal Thomas Chatterton Williams thread a meme, but now "self-expelled" is a thing.

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