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Saturday, December 18, 2021

This excellent Quillette logo

I first saw this image on Twitter a few months ago, but recently I decided to find out who created it.

Incorporating literal calipers into the Quillette logo is perfection. Quillette is the leading promoter of race pseudoscience (outside of the proudly racist American Renaissance, which likes to repost Quillette articles) which is based on 18th century racial beliefs. Quillette even ran a pro-phrenology article.

I've had this tweet up for 24 hours now, and although it's gotten a fair amount of attention, nobody has come forward. 

Recently a right-winger on Twitter claimed the Intellectual Dark Web is not right-wing. I set them straight though. It seems unlikely that a group of people associated with the publication Quillette would be anything but right-wing.

Quillette founder Claire Lehmann once threatened an op-ed writer with a defamation lawsuit for saying that Quillette is "a conservative website which has been happy to publish authors known for promoting theories of white supremacy."

In spite of that being the writer's opinion, it is also, on examination, an accurate description of Quillette.

Steven Pinker and Quillette have a mutual admiration society. For obvious reasons. 

I had to laugh at this recent tweet from Pinker about Claire Lehmann:

The reason this is such a big deal, for Lehmann to diverge from the right on this one issue, is because the vast majority of Quillette supporters are right-wingers.

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