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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Razib Khan blackmail strategy revealed

 Currently available on Twitter here.

Sometimes having a 20+ year long career as a race pseudoscience-promoting political operative requires harsh methods.



...I mean, so, I keep a lot of ah you know, I keep a lot of that to myself partly because if someone who's an academic decides to denounce me, and I know things about them, I'll just divulge what I know. So ah to be entirely frank, I've been open about that as a pre-emptive strike. Ah please, I know you have a reputation, a bigger reputation than me, and I've heard things about you, and I will just divulge it to my 35,000 followers if you decided to come at me. So um, keep the information, keep all your texts, keep all your DMs, and use it against people. Now if you're a normal person, you're a normie, you don't have to deal with this. 

I did a podcast with my friend Colin Wright, he is an "arch-binarist" I don't know if you know Colin, he's managing editor at Quillette and he is a proponent of this controversial concept called "the sex binary" and so ah he has friends who ah were making fun of - academic friends who were making fun of what he called "gender ideology"  - I don't know too much about it so I'll use Colin's terms. I'm not saying I really know much about what this means. And now they're denouncing them and all these things and he has records of what they thought...

Followers of Pinkerite will recognize the name of Colin Wright. Both Khan and Wright are sad cases, both went to college to study science and both have ended up not with real science careers, but rather, becoming political operatives for rightwing causes, specializing in anti-trans hatred for Wright and race pseudoscience racism for Khan.

The interview is from Alex Kaschuta's Substack from back in October 2021. It can be found on YouTube here. The transcripted section begins around minute 16 in the video.

Kaschuta's most recent interview is with Emil Kirkegaard, even more hardcore blatantly into racism than Razib Khan.

I've always suspected that Steve Sailer uses the blackmail strategy to keep Steven Pinker - who quietly dropped Sailer in 2011 - from publicly denouncing him. 

Maybe Khan got the idea from Sailer, who has been a bit like a race pseudoscience mentor for Khan ever since Khan completed his first undergraduate degree, twenty-two years ago.

The political operative was seen plying his trade on Twitter recently. 

It's certainly curious that someone of the "old liberal world" has spent 20+ years taking money from racists and Holocaust deniers. 

Razib Khan, like all right-wingers, likes to denounce identity politics, but he engages in it himself whenever it is useful for him. 

He even has a blog called "Brown Pundits" and on its about page it says: "We have a number of editors and contributors, who all share a connection with, or interest in, the Indian subcontinent and its far-flung diaspora."

What better place to denounce identity politics than on a political operative's blog dedicated to bringing together individuals of the same ethnic identity?

I sometimes wonder if rightwing promoters of race pseudoscience, like Razib Khan are simply incapable of maintaining coherent thought for any length of time, and that's why they have to take wingnut welfare to get by. Maybe Razib Khan is just as bad at science as he is at writing.

Maybe people like Khan are such hypocrites because they don't even understand what hypocrisy means.

More identity politics from Razib Khan.

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