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Friday, February 11, 2022

I am Catwoman

Eartha Kitt as Catwoman

Someone gave me a heads-up recently that Emil O W "ow I am in contempt of court" Kirkegaard, also described by comedian Stewart Lee as "weird far-right paedophilia apologist called Emil" was attacking me again.

There were two good things about that. 

First, it increased the hits to this website, which uses Google ads to garner a small income. 

Google doesn't care whether those who come to this site are hate-reading it or not, it all counts towards hits, which counts towards payment. And thanks to Kirkegaard, my site metrics showed a 50% bump in site visits.

Second, and even better, was that Kirkegaard tweeted to both Claire Lehmann and Charles Murray, letting them know that I write about them on this blog. 

Which gave me a chance to discuss Kirkegaard's relationships with Lehmann and Murray. I've blogged about both of them being friendly with Kirkegaard. 

To be honest I thought for sure that Kirkegaard is closer to Charles Murray than to Claire Lehmann. But that's based on tweets, who knows what's going on at Quillette conferences or on Quillette Zoom calls. 

So I was surprised when Lehmann popped up, before Murray (who didn't show at all,) within the hour of Kirkegaard attacking me as "Catlady."

Unfortunately, although Kirkegaard called on his racist friends for backup, when I began to ask him specific questions about his relationship with Lehmann, he scampered away and then blocked my account.

Now when I started Pinkerite, I knew I was signing up for encounters with bad people. Racists are horrible. You can't put anything past racists. Racists have no problem killing children

And I am at war, even if only a war of words with racists. And war is hell.

So I'm surprised that the worst thing Kirkegaard calls me, at least in public, is "Catlady." It's a typically misogynist term, but there are way worse things to be called. And to be honest, although I love cats, I currently do not own any.

Besides, I'd rather be called Catwoman.

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