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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Twitter versus professional rightwing hate-monger Colin M. Wright

There's been a lot of talk about Twitter lately and creepo Elon Musk's desire to devour it whole

If right-wing plutocrat Musk takes over Twitter, we will remember fondly the days when Twitter occasionally dinged hate-mongers like Quillette contributing editor Colin M. Wright.

I don't remember which of Colin Wright's almost infinite number of transphobic tweets I reported. It has to be over a month ago since I did, I've hardly been doing any Pinkerite-related things in the past month.

Although Wright's focus is primarily demonizing a tiny minority of human beings he sometimes dabbles in the CRT grift invented by slimeball Chrisopher Rufo. That got Trump to retweet him.

As I said a few months ago, Colin M.Wright, like Razib Khan, is a sad case - a background in science, but he makes a living as right-wing political operative.

But I just found out that Colin M. Wright has four entries in the Retraction Watch Database.

So maybe that's why he chose to make a career out of being a Trumpist hate-monger - maybe he was just no damn good as a scientist.

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