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Sunday, July 10, 2022

The latest example of Steven Pinker supporting the career of race pseudoscience promoter Razib Khan

Razib Khan is pretty well-known at this point for his anti-Black racism, and his long history of supporting the racist pseudoscience of J. P. Rushton and Charles Murray. This doesn't seem to bother Pinker at all.

It's curious - Pinker stopped mentioning Steve Sailer by 2012, after being a strong supporter of his for several years, but his support for Khan, whose views on race appear to be indistinguishable from Sailer's, continues. Why is that?

Now that the media has finally gotten around to asking Pinker about his support for the career of Steve Sailer, maybe it will ask him about his support for Razib Khan.

Pinker's interest in Ashkenazi genetics is probably related to his support for the wildly speculative and never-tested hypothesis laid out in the paper "Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" written by two friends of Steve Sailer, the white nationalist Henry Harpending and the cranky race pseudoscience promoter - and beneficiary of Ron Unz money - Gregory Cochran. Razib Khan also received Unz money

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