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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Stochastic terrorist Libs of TikTok Chaya Raichik is also a traitor against the United States of America

Stochastic terrorist and obvious sociopath Chaya Raichik creator of terrorists' favorite target generator, Libs of TikTok, has decided to surface from her bunker to join forces with Fox News' Tucker Carlson to demonize LGBTQ people.

Apparently she was also part of the treasonous mob on January 6.

Will this evil freak ever be held accountable?

And will anybody ever ask Bari Weiss on the record why she has supported this homophobic monster?

The YouTube channel of HasanAbi has the details.

Never forget that this monster is funded by the Babylon Bee's Seth Dillon, who is on very friendly terms with Elon Musk.

I was blocked on Twitter by Libs of TikTok for asking that monster why she never seems to have a problem with the way the Hooters restaurant chain encourages children to come visit, so much so that it has children's menus.

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