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Thursday, January 5, 2023

White Supremacist Castle is in the news

I've mentioned several times that the right-wing racist funding vehicle DonorsTrust gave millions to disgusting white supremacist filth Peter Brimelow, founder of racist VDARE, the sometime employer of Steve Sailer

Steven Pinker supported the career of Steve Sailer for at least a decade, even including a badly written and researched piece by Sailer in "The Best American Science And Nature Writing" of 2004.

I didn't mention Brimelow used some of the money to buy a castle.

The Washington Post fails - why is our media so hapless and stupid? - to focus on the real story, which is the funding, by respectable plutocrats, of racist fanatic lunatics, and merely mentions briefly:

The VDare Foundation spent $1.4 million to buy 54 acres that included the castle and three houses. On the November podcast, Lydia Brimelow credited two unidentified donors to the VDare Foundation with funding the purchase.

Public tax records show the foundation raised more than $4.25 million in fiscal year 2019, its best in a decade. A chunk of that money — $1.5 million — came from Donors Trust, a charity associated with billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch that gives to conservative and libertarian causes.

That year, Peter Brimelow’s salary increased by more than $160,000 to $345,364, according to tax filings.

With the acquisition of the castle and nearby properties, VDare moved its headquarters from Litchfield, Conn. It also sold the castle in December 2020 to a new nonprofit, formed by Lydia, called the Berkeley Castle Foundation.

Then moves on to ask random town morons - you know Certified Real Americans© - what they think of an organization that none of them were aware of, and whose evil they know almost nothing about.

It's almost as bad as the recent Insider article about stochastic terrorist monster Chaya Raichik, not even mentioning where she gets her funding from - Seth Dillon who owns the Babylon Bee.

But of course it's so easy to write this Washington Post article about White Supremacist Castle - I could have done it myself in my spare time. The kind of reporting we need reporters to do is to investigate the funders of hate and terrorism! News organizations have the resources to track that kind of information down. They SHOULD DO THAT!

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