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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

E. O. Wilson misrepresents his critics' objections to sociobiology

He does it for the Peter Thiel-funded Big Think.  A really annoying thing about Big Think content is that it often does not provide dates for videos.

While Wilson was misrepresenting his critics' objection to sociobiology, he was encouraging and agreeing with racist charlatan J. P. Rushton:
As an author of the r/K model, one would have expected Wilson to have been outraged at Rushton’s proposal, which implied, as many nineteenth-century scientists did, that human “races” constituted different species—a view no reputable biologist, including Wilson, would have publicly defended. But Wilson immediately dashed off a letter to Rushton applauding his application of the r/K model as “one of the most original and interesting [ideas] I’ve ever encountered in psychology,” adding that the work was “courageous.” “In this country the whole issue would be clouded by personal charges of racism to the point that rational discussion would be almost impossible,” he wrote, urging Rushton to “press ahead!"
This is the essence of sociobiology - claim the current social hierarchy is the result of nature, and claim human races are different species.

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