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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Randroids promoting Charles Murray and race pseudoscience

I recently mentioned two Black intellectuals of the Left discussing the motivations of the Black people who work for the Right. Right-wing plutocrats are happy to shovel tons of money at anybody willing to promote their views.

Here's an example: Aaron Briley, agreeing with Charles Murray that Black brains are innately inferior to brains of other "races." 

The YouTube channel that posted this is The Objective Standard Institute, a bunch of Ayn Rand cultists - and I knew immediately that is what they are, because if you have even a passing familiarity with the "philosophy" of Ayn Rand, the term "objective" is a red flag. Ayn Rand called her collection of pet peeves and predilections "Objectivism."

I wrote a lot about Ayn Rand, her beliefs and her wretchedly bad novel "Atlas Shrugged" eight to ten years ago on my personal blog.

The OSI doesn't put Rand on the homepage, but it was quick work to search their site and find Rand all over it.

And here is Executive Director Craig Biddle giving a talk on the wonders of Ayn Rand.

And here he is having a chat with idiot Dennis Prager

Charles Murray is not a biologist, he's a political scientist whose entire career has been propped up by right-wing racist plutocrats. His goal is to justify racist practices as "science." As we see Murray doing a couple of years ago.

If Charles Murray had his way, it would be legal to discriminate against any Black job applicant on the basis of pseudoscientific, racist beliefs.

The Peter Thiel-funded Big Think can also be seen promoting Charles Murray here.

NOTE: Aaron Briley appears to be no longer associated with The Objective Standard Institute. I tracked down his Linked In profile, which mentions nothing about the OSI - perhaps he suddenly acquired a conscience? And although his resume lists him as Adjunct Faculty with Central Texas College, I can't find anything else online that connects him to the college.

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