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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

More anti-trans hatred promoted by the NYTimes

Carole Hooven - hardcore hate-monger
Oh look, Steven Pinker's protégée, the right-wing grifter Carole Hooven and right-wing grifter Alex Byrne, are promoted in today's NYTimes with their predictably transphobic op-ed piece "The Problem with Saying 'Sex Assigned at Birth'." 

The two grifters whine about the phrase "sex assigned at birth" and at the end, actually fall back on brevity as their last argument:

Meanwhile, we can each apply Strunk and White’s famous advice in “The Elements of Style” to “sex assigned at birth”: omit needless words.

Carole Hooven and Alex Byrne are not simply word Nazis - they are huge fans of the monstrously evil "Kiwi Farms" as I have documented on this site. Byrne has gone so far as to use illustrations in his own book from Nina Paley, a horrific hate-monger who glorified Kiwi Farms in her hateful Gender War cards. 

And Hooven was seen promoting racist neo-Nazi Bo Winegard a couple of years ago on Twitter.

But just my calling Hooven a protégée of Pinker should be enough to clue you in that she is a horrible far-right grifter who makes a living by spreading hatred and evolutionary psychology pseudoscience. In addition to the NYTimes she just published in racist right-wing ghoulish Quillette. More evolutionary psychology twaddle - of course. Pinker has a long history of promoting racists and other horrible people, like Steve Sailer, Razib Khan and most recently Richard Hanania.

I suspected Hooven and Byrne were married - I found out for sure thanks to the article Alex Byrne vs. transgender people. Oh how adorable, a husband-wife hate-monger team. Reminds me of the grifting ivermectin ghouls Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, those lovers of game theory.

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