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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Who else is promoting racist neo-Nazi Bo Winegard? Carole Hooven of the Harvard Department of Human Evolutionary Biology

Steven Pinker, one of the biggest promoters of race pseudoscience is at Harvard. So it shouldn't be a surprise that there are other promoters of such garbage at Harvard.

Yesterday I noted former Harvard president Lawrence Summers promoting professional racist Bo Winegard. But although Summers has had quite a career, constantly falling upwards (what were you thinking Obama?) he's long been known as a bigot who justifies his bigotry through laughably weak evolutionary psychology

And although this is beside the point, I was reading not long ago what an enormous slob Summers is. It's only interesting because I seriously doubt a woman could be such a slob as that and have the professional career Summers has had. Am I right Janet Yellen?

But now I find Carole Hooven, of Harvard's Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, also promoting racist Bo Winegard, and she thanks him for his work - his work for Quillette, the Peter Thiel funded right-wing racist online magazine, so racist that American Renaissance likes to excerpt its articles on race.

Racists like Razib Khan and Andrew Sullivan claim there is no longer systemic racism, but that is easily disproved when you consider the network of right-wing racist plutocrats who provide funding for racists, from Ron Unz granting hundreds of thousands to Steve Sailer, Razib Khan and Gregory Cochran, to Thiel funding Quillette to the Koch and Mercer funding vehicle DonorsTrust which gives millions to white supremacist organizations VDARE and American Renaissance

But of course it's not enough to have extremist media pushing anti-Black racism, you need people like former Harvard president Lawrence Summers and current Harvard employees Steven Pinker and Carole Hooven to help mainstream absurd racist pseudoscience beliefs.

Although Pinker is no longer seen promoting Bo Winegard - probably because, like Steve Sailer, Winegard's racism became too blatant even for Pinker, he certainly has in the past. 

Because of course he has.

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