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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Quillette author gently criticizes Bari Weiss in the Daily Beast

Bari Weiss has been part of the IDW
since the beginning. Quillette founder
Claire Lehmann celebrates Weiss partying
with long-time Koch-funded grifters


Well I am on a roll with Bari Weiss lately.

I was glad to see Weiss receiving some criticism in the Daily Beast in an article entitled Is Bari Weiss Embarrassed by the Intellectual Dark Web

But I thought there were some glaring omissions in the article - no mention of what was a pretty big bombshell only a year ago - Weiss's sugar baby status as fund recipient of Supreme Court corrupter Harlan Crow

And although the Bari Weiss article about the "renegades" of the Intellectual Dark Web mentions Quillette as the "publication most associated with this (IDW) movement" the Daily Beast article does not mention Quillette once.

Then I realized the name of the author was familiar - ah yes the same Matt Johnson who has written for Quillette - and surprise surprise, Johnson's connection to Quillette is not mentioned in his Daily Beast bio, leading to this question: 

Is Matt Johnson embarrassed by Quillette?

Johnson has written fifteen articles for Quillette so far, the most recent in March of this year. Including a softball  interview with Steven Pinker - that's the only kind of interview anybody associated with Quillette would conduct. 

Johnson gives the impression that Weiss was at one time an outside (albeit sympathetic) observer of the IDW - but she's always been a member of the gang, which is why she is now so tight with far-right racist plutocrats associated with the IDW, including Peter Thiel. Weiss could be seen partying with IDW types a month after her renegades article ran.

Johnson has written for the equally right-wing garbage magazine Areo. And he adores misogynist Islamaphobe Christopher Hitchens. What an ass. 

Really it's kind of a miracle that Johnson has written anything against Weiss no matter how mild - but maybe this is an indication that the Quillette branch of the IDW is mad at Weiss for stealing their thunder - and maybe some plutocrat funding - by creating "The Free Press," the Bari Weiss version of Quillette.

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