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Friday, May 31, 2024

Why is Danish neo-Nazi scofflaw Emil Kirkegaard doing business in Wyoming?

The Wyoming-based Cowboy State Daily recently reported:

White Supremacist Who Wants Legal Child Porn Doing Business Through Wyoming LLC

And who else could that be but Emil Kirkegaard?

Leo Wolfson writes:
A globally recognized Danish white supremacist is doing business in Wyoming, or at least through the Cowboy State as a registered LLC here. 
Emil Kirkegaard has been accused by many of using scientific racism as a base for his open-access research journal website where he’s published numerous articles supporting a basis for biological differences between races, ethnicities and immigrant groups on measures such as crime and IQ.
It seems that Wyoming (which voted for convicted felon Donald Trump 70% in 2020) welcomes this kind of business:
Wyoming has some of the most private business filing laws in the country and the cheapest rates to file, which allows people to easily cloak their identities when filing with the state.
These laws have drawn significant scrutiny in recent years as some nefarious actors have been found doing business in the state.
Earlier this spring, a Fremont County investigation revealed an influx of out-of-state businesses filing to addresses in that county, often unbeknownst to the actual property owners.
In another instance, there were 551 different businesses registered to a single address.
Secretary of State Chuck Gray announced earlier this week the dissolvement of three businesses connected by the FBI to North Korean actors.
Gray said his office has proposed several interim topics to the Wyoming Legislature to take further administrative action against entities on the basis of their being owned or controlled by foreign adversaries.

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