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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Pinkerite's second anniversary

Pinkerite's second anniversary was November 17 and it seems that very little has changed in the world of Steven Pinker, the Intellectual Dark Web and Race Science in the past two years. 

But a few things have changed since Pinkerite's first anniversary:
Some Pinkerite accomplishments this year:

Top posts of the second year:

I was surprised that my series on Why Robin DiAngelo is Bad, published in June 2019 suddenly became popular in 2020. It seems that bigger media hitters than Pinkerite had discovered how wacky DiAngeloism is and began to criticize the concept of "white fragility." 

It's nice that I'm not a lone voice howling in the wilderness about DiAngelo any more. I will be writing a follow-up on DiAngelo soon.

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