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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Jerry Coyne is tone deaf

 Jerry Coyne, Steven Pinker's #1 fanboy, is a cranky old man who wants those kids to get off his lawn.

Not too long ago here at Pinkerite I wrote about Jerry Coyne's revulsion for new-fangled words. He's at it again:

“Tone deaf”. The technical meaning of this phrase is “unable to differentiate between different musical pitches.” And that’s fine, but it’s been co-opted, mainly by the woke, to mean, “Not able to grasp the obvious and important truths I’m trying to tell you.” And it’s all over the place.
Coyne also detests "fierce" and "gig-workers."

Tone deaf in the newer sense is a great expression and perfectly describes old reactionary race science promoting misogynists like Coyne as they bestride the earth sharing their cranky old-man conservative opinions far and wide.

I think Coyne's main problem with those words is the wrong kinds of people are using them.

If Coyne had been born a hundred years earlier he would have shit himself denouncing the word "jazz."

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