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Monday, August 29, 2022

Lawrence Summers retweeting racist neo-Nazi Bo Winegard

It's been known for a long time that the Peter Thiel-funded Quillette is a right-wing racist garbage rag

So of course we see former secretary of the treasury Lawrence H. Summers retweeting an article from Quillette.

But not just any article, it is an article written by one of the most blatant racists in the Quillette stable and that is saying a lot.

It's authored by Bo Winegard, who was seen not too long ago advocating for country-level racial quotas, a scheme the Nazis famously executed. 

I've mentioned Winegard's racism many many times on this blog.

So from what I can tell, racist Steve Sailer influenced Pinker and then Pinker influenced Summers.

But I wasn't aware until now that in addition to being comfortable with misogyny, Summers is also comfortable with racism. But there it is. This is the guy he retweets:

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