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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Trump must be beaten down

Dictator appeaser Damon Linker, who works for the libertarian (founded by Cato members!) think tank Niskanen center (racist Razib Khan's buddy Matthew Yglesias works for them) argues that we shouldn't hold Trump accountable because we'll make the filthy MAGA cult angry.

It's funny, isn't it, that you never see pundits warning MAGAs to tone it down.

You're never going to see an article in the NYTimes or the Washington Post or sponsored by any think tank that says something like: "hey guys, half the country thinks that you and Trump are an existential threat to American democracy - and by extension, the entire world, so maybe you should tone down the rhetoric a little or even maybe rethink your trajectory."

Of course not. 

Because while few mainstream media pundits will come right out and say so, they know that MAGAs can not be reasoned with. They are stupid and evil and resolutely stubborn in their insistence on remaining stupid and evil. Just like any German supporter of Adolf Hitler was.

Linker claims that "half" the country thinks Trump should not be subject to the rule of law, but doesn't back this claim with statistics. The only statistic his article provides is to demonstrate that Trump is more popular with hardcore Republicans ("...the results of the straw poll at last weekend’s CPAC conference, which the former president won with 69 percent") than before.

Since one of Linker's jobs is working at a think tank, he surely must be capable of performing basic research - or asking a Niskanen flunky to do it for him - his exaggeration about "half the country" must be deliberate. 

Half of Americans (50%) think former President Donald Trump should be charged with crimes based on the evidence presented at the House January 6th hearings,

Let alone not think Trump is above the law. And that's half of all Americans, not 69 percent of the hardest hard-core Democrats.

And because 50% of Americans don't think Trump should be charged doesn't mean they actively think he shouldn't be. Many people don't pay attention to anything outside their own tiny lives and so haven't given it much thought. Just like Nixon was popular well into Watergate because so many people - especially Republicans - are ignoramuses:

(Nixon's) support among his allies (who had included some conservative southern Democrats as well as Republicans) had already started to erode significantly, but it was the “smoking gun” tape that finally forced his resignation on August 8, before the House could vote on impeachment. At that point, the public was clearly behind impeachment, although a significant minority of Americans — including most Republicans — still didn’t think Nixon should be removed from office.

But back to our inability to reason with MAGAs. Since you can't get through to MAGAs with reason, what would get through to MAGAs?

The only thing they respect. Power.

Although we didn't have a straw poll to find out, it seems plausible that many Germans supported Hitler right up until the end. Right until he was beaten down. Where were all the Nazi-sympathizers after Hitler was done? Suddenly very scarce.

And that is why Trump must be beaten down. Using every legal means, he must be beaten down. Constantly. Without ceasing. UNTIL HE IS DONE.

Only then will we be free of both him and his filthy treasonous, dictator-loving cult.

UPDATE: Linker is now an author at far-right, racist, Peter Thiel-funded Quillette. More Thielbux for the conscience-free - wheeee!

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