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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Attempted Pelosi assassin is a fan of James Lindsay

Those of us who have memories longer than that of a goldfish remember how people like Bari Weiss, Christopher Rufo, Steven Pinker, Jerry Coyne and Andrew Sullivan supported James Lindsay.

Many of us could see what a right-wing extremist loony-toon Lindsay is, but these associates of the Intellectual Dark Web couldn't see it - or refused to admit it. Probably because Lindsay was promoting the right-wing swill that they love and/or get paid by plutocrats to promote.

Meanwhile, Lindsay was so sensitive to criticism he came after a nobody blogger like me.

But eventually it began to dawn on the feckless dummies that James Lindsay might just be a complete asshole, when Lindsay said he was voting for Trump. And later when Lindsay showed up at CPAC

Please note this is the original CPAC, not the upcoming CPAC for racists lead by democracy-hating, racist-funding, Trump-loving Peter Thiel.

Finally, even a leading intellectual of the Intellectual Dark Web/Quillette network, Claire Lehmann, was calling Lindsay "retarded."

Then Lindsay was kicked off Twitter for being a neo-Nazi. It remains to be seen whether man-baby troll Elon Musk will bring him back or not.

But Lindsay is not only a laughable goon. He has influence of the worst kind as can be seen by the archived version of the web site of David DePape, the would-be assassin of Nancy Pelosi, who assaulted her husband Paul when he couldn't find the Speaker of the House.

Along with then-Vice President Mike Pence, Pelosi was a main target of Trump's crazed murderous mob on January 6. So of course DePape's list of interests includes "Voter Fraud" as well as the anti-trans hatred promoted by Quillette and the GOP. 

But DePape also includes one name among his interests - "James Lindsey" - I think we can assume he means James Lindsay but misspelled the name, since the links on his James Lindsey page go to New Discourses podcasts, a project of James Lindsay and his Christian nationalist sugar daddy Michael O'Fallon.

Jerry Coyne promoted the New Discourses site on his site as a "resource." 

I will never forget how race pseudoscience promoting stooges Steven Pinker, Jerry Coyne, Andrew Sullivan and the rest of the gang helped promote the grifting insanity of James Lindsay and what the insanity of James Lindsay led to.

And of course Coyne, Pinker, Sullivan and the rest of the gang will never admit how badly they screwed up with Lindsay. But maybe it wasn't an innocent screw-up. Maybe they were just doing what they had been paid to do.

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