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Friday, October 13, 2023

Natural History of Hereditarian Idiocy

I've completed my entry for Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence at Rational Wiki. 

I've criticized the hypothesis for years, but it was good to put everything in one place. Plus I included an automatic counter to track how many years it's been since NHAI was released, without ever being tested or proven.

NHAI is genetics as hereditarians wished it would be, and so they believe in it, and promote it, regardless of the lack of testing or proof. 

And as always, there was Steven Pinker, promoting the bullshit.

And what an arrogant goon that Gregory Cochran is. He compared his work to work by Einstein, and insults people with actual expertise in genetics, like when he called Adam Rutherford "dumb." Rutherford was not overly concerned about it.

Cochran has an unattractive appearance, voice, personality and system of beliefs - he's pretty much the opposite of Adam Rutherford in every way. 

Rutherford is a "celebrity intellectual" in the UK - in the US we get Steven Pinker. Ugh.

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