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Friday, October 6, 2023

Legitimate business - or another grift?

So Razib Khan apparently is part of a startup business now, GenRait Inc and he's tweeting about it on Twitter/X. According to the GenRait LinkedIn:

The company "allows genomics to achieve its full potential by empowering researchers to be creative and productive in a governed environment where they retain autonomy and flexibility over their data and have the tools at their fingertips to take action."

According to Khan's LinkedIn profile, he's been with the organization since December 2021 and he is both the Chief Strategy Officer and the Chief Experience Officer.

But he is not behaving like someone who wants to participate in a legitimate business. And knowing as I do about Khan's history of taking money from racist plutocrats, I have my suspicions about who is funding GenRait, Inc. 

Think about it - if you wanted to work for a typical legitimate business, would you continue to call people you disagree with "retarded" on social media? 

Here is Khan a couple of months ago, in the comments of a Substack post by his good buddy, racist Richard Hanania, calling another commenter a "subhuman retard."

I've mentioned previously Khan's hypocrisy and incivility, but now he's enlisted the aid of two right-wingers to justify the use of the term "retard," in a kind of right-wing incivility turducken. 

Reilly is a rightwinger and Stepman is probably even further right, a senior policy analyst for the ghastly, Koch-funded "Independent Women's Forum."

Now I assume that slurs of all kinds are considered acceptable or even good form in the far-right circles that these political operatives travel in, but does Khan expect this kind of public behavior to fly for a typical legitimate business?

Unless it's not a typical legitimate business, and the organization is being funded by the usual right-wing ghouls, who absolutely do not care that the CSO/CXO of GenRait  acts like an obnoxious ass in public.

Considering that, plus Khan's twenty plus years working as a rightwing political operative with blatant racialist views, I would be very wary of any genomic claims made by GenRait. 

And somehow, I don't think this organization has a strong HR department.

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