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Saturday, January 27, 2024

A third citation for Pinkerite

Still a nobody, but I guess it's something.

A few years ago right-wing ghoul Peter Boghossian, one of Harlan Crow's sugar babies, complained that I, a nobody with only two citations, had the audacity to write blog posts criticizing celebrity intellectual Steven Pinker.

I just discovered my article Steven Pinker's right-wing, alt-right and hereditarian connections has been cited by a paper called Intellectual dark web, alt-lite and alt-right: Are they really that different? a multi-perspective analysis of the textual content produced by contrarians - just published this month.

I'm sure it's not enough for Boghossian, but then again Peter Boghossian is a right-wing political operative funded by one of the men who corrupted Clarence Thomas, so does anybody care what he thinks?

I really have to update that Steven Pinker paper though. I've found out so much more about Pinker and the race pseudoscience network in the almost five years since I published in 2019, plus there are a few typos, including worst of all, in J. Philippe Rushton's name. 

Rushton is one of the founding fathers, along with E. O. Wilson, of contemporary race pseudoscience.

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