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Sunday, January 21, 2024

The far right hates Peter Thiel for being gay

I knew this would come out sooner or later. The NYTimes profiled the ghouls who are scheming against diversity, equity and inclusion - and not just DEI statements, but the concepts themselves.

And big surprise - they are racist, misogynist and homophobic.

Last spring, (Heather) Mac Donald emailed some of the same people about news reports that a boyfriend of Mr. Thiel — nominally their ally in the rising “national conservatism” movement — had committed suicide after a confrontation with Mr. Thiel’s husband at a party. Calling the episode “a scandal,” she opined that gay men “are much more prone” to extramarital affairs “on the empirical basis of testosterone unchecked by female modesty.” She added mockingly that a friend had once tried to convince her “how wonderful Thiel’s ‘husband’ was.”  
Neither Ms. Mac Donald nor a Manhattan Institute spokeswoman replied to emails seeking comment.

Heather MacDonald is also a huge racist who hates feminists.

In another email to Dr. Yenor, Ms. Mac Donald reflected on a further “curse of feminism”: the proliferation of “nannies of color” in her Manhattan neighborhood and the “bizarreness” of women entrusting their children to caregivers from “the low IQ 3rd world” while devoting themselves to making partner at a law firm.
Ms. Mac Donald replied, “We are all just SO grateful if there is a black who does not overtly hate us.” She went on to rail against a libertarian podcast that praised former President George W. Bush for selecting Black people for his cabinet, “as if there is any talent required to make quota appointments.”

In case anybody was wondering exactly how evil Heather MacDonald and the Manhattan Institute are.

Too funny the same people Thiel has likely funded hate him for being gay.

I was glad to see Dorian Abbot got a shout-out in the article, I was talking about him not too long ago.

But where is a mention of "liberal" Steven Pinker? He's part of the gang of ghouls targeting American colleges and diversity, equity and inclusion. 

And he thinks Heather MacDonald is brilliant.

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