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Monday, January 15, 2024

The 2023 conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research: Steven Pinker, Richard Haier and Michael "mass-murder inspiration" Woodley

Richard Haier having a good time 
with racist neo-Nazi Bo Winegard.

Can there be any doubt that Haier is
rightwing racist ghoul?

Well it took a long time but the race pseudoscience gang at the International Society for Intelligence Research has finally published its program.

Although we've already seen how racist its 2023 meeting attendees are because the racist Aporia on Nazi Substack published this video.

I do appreciate the gang providing a table of participants. But where is Emil O. W. Kirkegaard?

Apparently it doesn't bother Richard Haier to
pal around with professional racists and neo-Nazis like Bo Winegard

Well, as unsavory as these ghouls are - your libertarians, your Quillette authors, your fans of J. P. Rushton, your pals of neo-Nazis, the most appalling participant of the ISIR 2023 conference has got to be Michael Woodley of Menie, "Independent."

The bigwigs at the International Society for Race Pseudoscience Intelligence Research must have read this article in the New York Times in 2022 and then all agreed - this is the kind of guy we want to participate in our 2023 conference!

(Woodley) was also cited, among other academic references, in a manifesto written by the teenager motivated by racist views who killed 10 Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo last month.

Despite his own extreme views, the researcher, Michael Woodley — a 38-year-old British man — has been affiliated with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, one of Belgium’s leading universities, and his controversial work was originally undertaken as he studied at some of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions.

The discovery that the gunman had cited Mr. Woodley’s work shocked many academics, who said they hoped it might now force institutions to confront questions about their responsibility toward society, academic rigor and the space they give to extremist ideas.

I wouldn't hold your breath, shocked academics - as long as there is money to be handed out by racists to people who promote race pseudoscience, they will never question their responsibility!

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