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Friday, March 1, 2024

So what exactly is the deal with Emil O. W. Kirkegaard?

Emil Kirkegaard is an international man of douchbaggery, and last I focused on him, was possibly hiding out from the law in Germany.

Kirkegaard has claimed an association with the Ulster Institute for Social Research, a racist organization associated with the infamously racist publication Mankind Quarterly.

However, Oliver Smith, while trying to track down Kirkegaard because Kirkegaard owes him money (due to a legal judgement against Kirkegaard) received a letter from the Ulster Institute saying:

...but (Kirkegaard) is not, as he claims, affiliated to the Ulster Institute.

Who would have guessed that Emil Kirkegaard is a liar?

Smith shared the letter, see below.

Smith was the subject, probably at the behest of Kirkegaard, of a smear campaign by the Manhattan Institute and City Journal. When Smith fought back through the courts, the article was removed and then the Manhattan Institute settled out of court with Smith.

For some reason Steven Pinker isn't tweeting about that, after he was fully onboard the smear campaign.


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